Who doesn’t LOVE a holiday photo? From capturing memories at the click of a button to being silly with selfies, photography has come a long way since we had to wait two weeks for our holiday snaps to come back from the chemist (remember that?!).

Whether you prefer to give your little ones’ disposable cameras, trust them with your mobile or, for older kids, provide some fabulous Insta-feed brag-fodder with their own tech, we think it’s utterly fabulous that a new generation of youngsters can be inspired by the world that surrounds them and have just as much chance of taking an amazing image as us parents.

Which is why, in the spirit of encouraging young talent, adding a little healthy competition into your summer holiday snapping, providing a platform in which to further appreciate the world around us (and to cheer us all up once we’ve come back with a bump come Autumn term) we’re launching our THIRD photography competition. Yay!

Young Photographer finalist

Here’s the deal:


There are three categories in the photo competition. The themes for entries are as follows:

  1. Best cultural (can include anything from images of historic buildings to portraits of local people, anything that typifies the culture of the country the image represents)
  2. Best natural world (animals, landscapes, etc.)
  3. Best active family photo (an image which includes family members, or the whole family, doing something adventurous / interesting)

One winner for each category, in each age group, will then go forward to the ‘Best Overall Photo’ competition, the winner to be chosen by the judges mentioned below.

Who can enter

The competition is open to all children aged between 5 and 18 years and will be split into two age groups: 5-11 and 12-18.

Submission date

The competition is now open and submissions can be sent at any time but we do ask that all entries are in by the end of the day on the closing date of Monday 16th September.


There will be a £50 prize for each category in each age group.

The overall winner will be awarded £150.

Global fame.


There will be three judges; Liddy Pleasants, Stubborn Mule founder, Sasha Kay, last year’s Photo Competition winner and John Warburton Lee, a true travel photography professional who, as well as owning his own travel image library (take a look at AWL Images – they’re amazing!) is a father of three.

How to enter

Please send all entries, in jpeg format between 1MB and 8MB in size to: [email protected] by end of Monday, 16th September 2019.

  1. Participants can enter more than once but there is a maximum of five entries per person in total (any category).
  2. We will consider entries for photos taken within the last two years.
  3. All entries MUST have been taken in a Stubborn Mule destination and on a Stubborn Mule adventure.
  4. Please enter Stubborn Mule Young Photographer Competition’ as the subject header.
  5. All submissions must include the photographer’s name, age, category being entered, details of where the photo was taken and subject matter (i.e. what the image represents).
  6. The judges’ decision is final.
  7. All entries are submitted on the understanding that they will be used in future publicity material (all images will be duly credited to the photographer), including newsletters, social media and the Stubborn Mule website.

The winner will be announced in the October Stubborn Mule newsletter.

Photography Tips and Advice

Need some inspiration? Take a look at last year’s winners.

As for ideas for taking better snaps, have a look at How to take the perfect holiday picture or this tip-list from National Geographic Kids Awesome Photography Tips.

Best of luck!!!

Boy taking photo in the Galapagos