Mexico is huge. On a map it doesn’t look so large, sitting as it does next to the super-sized US and Canada. But it’s still huge, encompassing far more than you can possibly tick off in one visit. So, on any trip to Mexico with the kids, you need to choose which area to concentrate on. We think the most family friendly area is the Yucatan Peninsula, a wonderland of mysterious Mayan ruins, crystal clear cenotes (swimming holes), beautiful colonial towns, peaceful rural haciendas, exciting activities and picture perfect Caribbean beaches.

There is so much to do here that it’s been hard to whittle down the list, but we’ve picked out (from strong competition!) our Top 10 things to do in Mexico with the kids, with a specific focus on the Yucatan Peninsula. (If you’re looking for a quick country overview, you can jump straight to our Mexico family holiday section first where you’ll also find reviews, sample itineraries and prices.)

Mexico with kids – Our Top 10

1. Swim, snorkel and kayak at Lake Bacalar

Child jumping in Bacalar Lagoon, Mexico with kids holiday

Lake Bacalar is a firm family favourite

Lake Bacalar is known as the Lagoon of Seven Colours. It is a stunningly beautiful place where the differing depths of the lake lend it different colours across the spectrum from dark navy to a beautiful pale turquoise. Here many of the hotels are situated directly on the lagoon and offer free use of their kayaks and stand up paddle boards (SUPs), so you can head out onto the lagoon and explore. It’s particularly beautiful at sunrise or sunset and will be a highlight of any trip to Mexico with the kids.

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2. Cycling around the Mayan ruins at Coba

Cycling around Coban ruins, Mexico with kids itinerary

Stubborn Mule’s MD, Liddy Pleasants, explores the Mayan ruins at Coba on two wheels

Any trip to Mexico with the children is likely to involve a few Mayan ruins and if we are honest, the novelty may wear off relatively quickly for the kids. However, in Coba you can hire a bike and cycle around the ruins, the perfect way to keep the children engaged as you explore. Younger children can go in the back of a cycle rickshaw instead.

3. Zip-lining, giant rope ladders and canoeing at Punta Laguna

Zip lining at Punta Laguna - a favourite activity on our Mexico with children holidays

Get your family holiday off to a flying start at Punta Laguna

Deep in the jungle just 2 hours from Cancun, is a small reserve that is home to a thriving population of spider and howler monkeys. The enterprising local villagers have created a series of activities here that are just perfect for families and a great start to any trip to Mexico with the kids.

After receiving a blessing from the shaman (not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s over quickly), you take a hike in the forest to look for monkeys before zip-lining over a lake. Then you canoe slowly back across the lake, enjoying the peace and quiet, before reaching a cave cenote. Here you get strapped into a harness and are lowered down into the cave, into the darkness until you reach the water. You can swim around, a few bats flitting here and there around the shaft of sunlight, before climbing back out, up a giant rope ladder.

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4. Take a horse cart ride in Izamal

Exploring Izamal's backstreets by horse and carriage when holidaying with kids in Mexico

All the family can sit back, relax and enjoy exploring the picturesque streets of Izamal by horse and carriage

The small town of Izamal is particularly picturesque, the one storey buildings all painted a distinctive yellow colour. The narrow streets are very peaceful and meander alongside the remains of a number of vast Mayan pyramids, now dilapidated but with traces of their former splendour. The best way to explore the city is by horse cart, ambling slowly along the roads at a sedate pace – the ideal way to appreciate the view.

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5. Search for flamingos and crocs in Celestun

Family exploring a lagoon with flamingoes - Mexico with kids itinerary

Take a boat to see flamingos and then tuck into a delicious lunch on the beach

One of the great things about a trip to Mexico with kids is the sheer variety that you will encounter along the way. For a complete antidote to Mayan ruins, head to the Gulf of Mexico to Celestun, one of the main habitats for the large population of flamingos in the Yucatan. Here you can take a boat out into the estuary where you will hopefully see large groups of flamingos perched on underwater sand banks or gliding gracefully across the sky. The captain will also take you into the mangroves where you can disembark to search for crocs amidst the tree roots.

As an added bonus you can cool off afterwards at a superb seafood restaurant right on the beach. Have a swim then sit under a thatched roof, toes curling in the sand, for a large platter of morning-fresh cerviche or lobster.

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6. Float through the mangroves in Sian Kaan Lagoon

Sian Kaan Lagoon

Let the current carry you along as all the family floats through the mangroves at Sian Kaan

Sian Kaan biosphere is a vast natural reserve that stretches along the coast and is home to a series of lagoons connected by channels carved by the Mayans millennia ago. You can take a boat ride across the lagoon and then through the narrow channels with the mangroves arching overhead. There is a small Mayan temple deep in the biosphere and here you leave the boat behind.

Put your lifejacket on like a nappy (yes, we didn’t believe it either) and float along one of the narrow channels. This is a fantastic addition to any holiday in Mexico with kids as they will love lying back in the water, arms outstretched as the current carries them along, watching the birds circling overhead.

Stop at Sian Ka’an biosphere on your way to Tulum on our Best of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula itinerary.

7. Visit the Mayan ruins at Uxmal

Family visiting Uxmal on a Mexico with kids itinerary

Get up close to iconic Mayan ruins when holidaying in Mexico with kids

If there is one set of ruins in Yucatan that you should visit when on a holiday in Mexico with the kids, then Uxmal is it. Whilst none of the individual structures may have the majesty of the main pyramid in Chichen Itza, the site is very extensive, with beautiful carvings, masses of trees, and some sections that have been reclaimed by the jungle.

Unlike at Chichen Itza, you are allowed to climb up the temples here, so you get fabulous views over both the ruins and the surrounding area. And there are so few other visitors that if you get here early, you pretty much have the place to yourselves.

Uxmal is included on both our example Mexico itineraries – Best of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and Best of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and Belize.

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8. A Mexico with kids favourite, explore underground cave systems

Caves at Loltun - Mexico with kids family itinerary

Caving is a hot favourite on our Mexico with kids itineraries

Find your inner spelunker and explore some of the underground cave systems that riddle the Yucatan Peninsula. These include the extensive network of caves and caverns at Loltun, a hugely atmospheric place to visit, with prehistoric hand prints on the wall dating back 8,000 to 10,000 years (see Wikipedia). For older children and a more extreme visit, try the caves at Calcehtok, where you have to squeeze through narrow crevices in the rock and navigate your way (with a guide) deep underground. (Check out Lonely Planet for more).

9. Stay in a rural Hacienda

Hacienda Temozon - Mexico with kids itinerary

There’s lots for families to do on a stop-over at a rural hacienda when touring Mexico with kids

Ranged across the Yucatan Peninsula are a number of beautiful haciendas, old colonial properties that were the weekend retreats of the sisal barons who made their fortune in this area in the mid 19th century. Whilst many of these have been reclaimed by the jungle, others have been converted into exquisite rural hotels. Enhance your holiday in Mexico with the kids with a couple of nights either on a working sisal plantation or in a luxury hacienda for some colonial splendour. A highlight for the children will be the swimming pools and on-site cenotes, the perfect place to cool off after a walk around the plantation or a ride on a mule train.

10. Explore the underground world of Sac Actun

Exploring underground caves ad cenotes on a Mexico with kids itinerary

Don snorkels, masks and wetsuits to embrace this exciting family adventure

You’ll find yourselves swimming in many a cenote on any trip to Mexico with the children, but few offer as much adventure as Sac Actun. Here you can access the longest known underground river system in the world and, donning snorkel, mask and wetsuit, can explore this underground world. Descending first into a cave, you will swim along narrow channels, ducking low under stalactites and swimming between stalacmites. The channels open into huge caverns, sometimes lit from above by shafts of sunlight that penetrate through openings in the rock. It’s a huge adventure and kids absolutely love it.

Ask us about including Sac Actun in a tailor-made family itinerary.

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Bonus activity:

It’s been so difficult to stick to 10 activities. We haven’t even mentioned the beach, snorkelling with turtles in Akumal, spending the day at the waterpark in Xel-Ha (see our Mexico family holiday page).

Snorkelling with turtles in Akumal on Mexico with children holiday

Snorkelling with turtles in Akumal, simply magic. Snapped by a Stubborn Mule customer

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