The impact of the current coronavirus pandemic is being felt in every aspect of life. Across the globe, people are finding their work life and home life impacted in ways that would have seemed unimaginable just a short time ago.

As a travel company, our foremost priority has always been, and will always be, the safety and wellbeing of our customers, staff and partners around the world. To this end, our recent efforts have concentrated on ensuring the safe and prompt return of all families to their home countries and dealing with those families who were due to travel over the Easter break. As time goes on our attention will then turn to those due to travel later in the year. To this end, we have compiled some FAQs that may be useful.

Liddy Pleasants
MD Stubborn Mule Travel

Covid-19 Travel FAQs

I’m due to travel in May and my balance is now due. What should I do?

As the majority of our customers travel during the UK school holidays, we do not have many families that are due to travel in May. However, those families that are affected are being contacted by our sales consultants to discuss options

I’m due to travel some time from June onwards. What should I do?

Essentially for now our advice is to sit tight and see how the situation develops. Airlines are currently only dealing with travellers due to depart imminently and are at this stage charging (often quite punitive) change fees to amend flight dates.

Furthermore all of our partners around the world are currently flat out dealing with cancellations for Easter and are therefore not at this stage able to process queries or finalise cancellation / deferment policies for bookings later in the year.

The main ‘crunch point’ will come two months before departure when trip balance is due. We will be in touch at this point to discuss your options but if it continues then to look as if you will not be able to travel, we are likely to suggest that you either (a) defer the trip to a later date or (b) cancel and claim for costs on your travel insurance. However, we will of course contact you to discuss the options in more detail at the time. 

What protection do I have for the money I have paid Stubborn Mule already?

All customer funds are 100% financially protected from company insolvency. Any money that you have paid to us for your tour is stored in a trust account with RBS that is independently managed by the Travel Trust Association (TTA). We are unable to access this money until after you travel. Therefore in the event that Stubborn Mule were to cease to trade, you would get a full refund of all monies paid via the TTA. Clearly we are not expecting it to come to this, but at a time of such global uncertainty, it may be helpful to have this reassurance.

Should I consider booking a trip for the end of this year or 2021?

We have negotiated flexible booking conditions with all of our suppliers. Our travel consultants will be delighted to assist with any new enquiries and are able to guarantee specific flexible booking terms on a case by case basis. Please speak to one of our team for further details.