Stubborn Mule’s Helene Cooper set off to the Galapagos with her nine-year old son for a wildlife extravaganza of a lifetime. Surrounded by the most amazing creatures at every turn, they were utterly entranced. Her son was in seventh heaven, snapping away merrily at absolutely everything and seemed to spot things before even the guide at times. Here is the first of her blogs on holidaying in the Galapagos with kids.

Galapagos with kids - mother and son on the beach with sea lions

Live the Blue Planet dream in the wildlife paradise that is the Galapagos! Stubborn Mule’s Helene Cooper was lucky enough to experience the best of the Galapagos with kids. She set off with her nine-year-old son following our Ecuador and the Galapagos Highlights trip for the wildlife extravaganza of a lifetime. Her son was in seventh heaven, snapping away merrily at the most amazing creatures at every turn, spotting them even before the guide at times. Indulge in every wildlife-related activity you can think of in this natural wonderland. But there are many other memorable experiences you can enjoy in the Galapagos with kids – if you happen to ever get bored of laughing at Blue-footed Boobies or swimming with sea lions (doubtful…).

1 – Spot the Galapagos 15

Ten more wonderfully exciting species to spot than the famous African Big Five – from Magnificent Frigatebirds to red and blue-footed Boobies and even the Galapagos penguin (the only one found north of the Equator).

  1. Red-footed Booby
  2. Blue-footed Booby
  3. Nazca Booby
  4. Galapagos Albatross
  5. Galapagos Hawk
  6. Galapagos Penguin
  7. Flightless Cormorant
  8. Frigatebirds (Great and Magnificent)
  9. American Flamingo
  10. Land Iguana
  11. Marine Iguana
  12. Santa Fe Iguana
  13. Galapagos Sea Lion
  14. Galapagos Fur Seal
  15. Galapagos Giant Tortoise

To tick them all off you would really need to take an 8-day cruise that visited both northern and southern islands. But if you can’t manage that, don’t worry – even spotting a handful will still bring you unforgettable wildlife encounters to enjoy on an Ecuador and Galapagos family holiday.

Galapagos with kids - Helene's wildlife snaps

Some of the wildlife Helene and her son snapped: Blue-footed Boobies, Land Iguana,  Galapagos Giant Tortoise and Galapagos Albatross

2 – Snorkel with sharks, rays, sea lions, turtles, penguins, tropical fish, and more…

Get up close and personal with little more than a wetsuit between you and a white-tipped shark or a golden ray. Whether you walk in from the beach or jump in from a panga (zodiac dinghy), on a Galapagos cruise you have regular opportunities to snorkel alongside these marine creatures in their own environment – check out our Typical Day on a Galapagos cruise. Marvel at how agile they are compared to your own lumbering movements. Playing hide and seek with a sea lion, swimming through a shoal of ‘Nemos’ or carefully following a sea turtle as it paddles beneath the waves are all remarkable experiences.

Swimming with sealions on Galapagos with children family holiday

Highlights were swimming alongside sea lions and snorkelling with sea turtles

3 – Bike the Santa Cruz highlands

Not quite the Alps but hopping on a mountain bike and cycling the dirt lanes of inner Santa Cruz really allows you to witness rural life on one of the main islands of the Galapagos. Nothing more taxing than avoiding the odd pothole and ending up at one of the island’s coffee fincas where you can learn how the beans are still farmed in the traditional way and even crush them yourself before enjoying the final product. Just avoid Giant Tortoise en route…

Cycling along dirt roads on a Galapagos with kids holiday

Hop on mountain bikes and take the family on a trip through rural Santa Cruz

4 – Enjoy a glass-bottomed boat ride

Not all activities in the Galapagos have to be that active. On a glass-bottomed boat ride, you can bob along following the fish, sharks, rays and turtles clearly viewed through the glass beneath without getting a drop of the Pacific on you. Perfect for youngsters, non-snorkellers or just people wanting to enjoy the marine life at leisure, these cruises go from either island jetties or your live-aboard ship – read our Ultimate Galapagos Guide for further information on holidaying in the Galapagos with kids – land versus cruise packages.

Turtle from boat on Galapagos with kids holiday

Put your feet up and spot turtles from a glass-bottomed boat

5 – Stock up on souvenirs

Everyone likes a bit of shopping – and children will love choosing which booby t-shirt to purchase. The main Galapagos islands are packed full of souvenir shops (mostly selling the same items at similar prices so don’t waste too much time shopping around) from flip-flop bottle openers to Lonesome George neck rests. All somewhat overpriced but hey, you’ll probably only be there once. Don’t forget to visit the chocolate shop in Puerto Ayora where you can enjoy a demonstration on how it is made on Santa Cruz and then stock up on some bars afterwards.

Favourite Galapagos T shirt - Galapagos with kids holiday

Our mini-Mule with his favourite turtle conservation t-shirt and guide

6 – Hike a live volcano

Along with numerous opportunities to climb volcanoes on mainland Ecuador (take a look at our Volcanoes and Jungle trip), there is also the chance to tackle a steamy summit in the Galapagos. On Isabela Island, you can summit Sierra Negra (1,124m), a 5-6 hours round trip (you can even choose the easy option and take a horse partway but we think that’s cheating…). This offers stupendous views of the second largest caldera in the world as well as active thermal vents, lava fields and surrounding volcanoes.

Sierra Negra - Galapagos for kids holiday activities

Climb volcanic Sierra Negra for stupendous views

7 – Post a postcard from Postcard Bay

Follow in the centuries old tradition when ancient mariners used to leave cards for ships passing through in the hope they would carry them to their destination. See how long it takes to reach home…

Galapagos postcard - Galapagos with family blog

… ours took three months!

8 – Discover the vital conservation work at the Charles Darwin Research Centre

A brilliant way to introduce responsible tourism to children, the centre offers an enjoyable way of learning about conservation, evolution and survival along a series of open air boardwalks and is a breeding centre for the Giant Tortoise (so you can see babies as well as fully grown beasts). It is also home to the (now stuffed) body of Lonesome George, the last of his species who died in our lifetime and thus a constant reminder of the threat of extinction.

Galapagos with kids favourite - Charles Darwin research station

All the family will love the brilliant Charles Darwin Research Centre

9 – Hop in a kayak

Gently paddling along the rocky coastline, looking up at a blue-footed booby clinging to a cliff, or down at a sea turtle swimming alongside – or even across at a sperm whale breaching the waters nearby, has to be one of life’s most peaceful and memorable moments. Top tip – don’t paddle too fast and rest often, the lack of splashing will bring marine life closer.

Kayaking on Galapagos with kids holiday

Double treat… kayaking AND spotting turtles, seals and even whales

10 – Get stuck in a tortoise traffic jam

Possibly the most fun you can have on the road going nowhere fast. Everything stops when a Giant Tortoise lumbers into sight. Buses are forced into ditches to get past, cars screech to a halt and motorbikes swerve to avoid them. These magnificent beasts definitely take priority (and hitting one incurs a massive fine). Fortunately they do not usually meander at night and drivers are well used to their presence but the regular sight of shells lined up along the roadside ready to traverse a main highway still takes some getting used to.

Now why did the Giant Tortoise cross the road….?

Galapagos tortoise crossing the road - Galapagos with kids

Going nowhere fast…

Galapagos with kids

For the low down on exploring the Galapagos with kids, see our Galapagos family holiday section, Helene’s blog on a typical day on a Galapagos island cruise ship and our example Ecuador & Galapagos itinerary. Check out the best time to go to the Galapagos Islands or simply get in touch with Helene by phone or email.

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