Why multi-generational breaks are big news for 2022

Given that it’s been two years since we could all go on holiday as a wider family, it’s no wonder that multi-generational holidays are big news for 2022.

This year, it seems we’re going big. There are more of us travelling together and doing bigger ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trips than ever before. If you’ve been apart from your parents or in-laws, brothers and sisters, this is your opportunity to reconnect. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past two years, it’s to seize the day when we can and with the people we love best.

Multi-generational holiday in Croatia

Our MD, Liddy Pleasants, and her mum loved exploring the waterfalls of Plitvice in Croatia on a recce trip last summer.

The beauty of tailor-made travel is that, without wanting to state the obvious, we can create an itinerary to suit every member of the family, whatever their preferences, allowing for some time apart as well as enjoying activities and experiences together.

Here’s where we think will be the best multi-generational holidays for 2022. Carpe Diem!

1. African safari with grandparents

On safari - holidays with grandparents

An African safari with grandparents is the dream multigenerational experience that works for all ages

An African safari is the quintessential, big-ticket, once-in-a-lifetime adventure on most people’s bucket list, which is why going on safari is the number one best multi-generational holiday by some margin. Why? Well, when it comes to entertaining all members of the family, safaris tick all the boxes. Being wowed by a herd of elephants or a pride of lions on a game drive doesn’t have an age limit and is a fun and memorable bonding experience which can be shared by all.

What’s more, because our safari itineraries don’t just include the game drives but all kinds of other activities (cycling, swimming, learning to shoot a bow and arrow), there are ample opportunities for different family members to do their own thing. Perhaps Grandma and Grandpa can enjoy an afternoon to themselves having a G&T or afternoon nap whilst you and your kids do something more active? Come sundown, you can all gather around the campfire and watch the stars.

Travelling with toddlers - toddler meets a Masai warrior on a Kenya family safari

For a family-friendly safari that’s ideal for toddlers and grandparents alike, take a look at Kenya

Find out which African Safari destinations would suit you and your family best. (Oh, and if you don’t fancy Africa, you can also go on safari in Sri Lanka and Nepal)

2. Costa Rica for all generations

Last minute family summer holiday in Costa Rica - girl with huge blue butterfly

Costa Rica is a top choice for a multi-generational holiday, with wildlife everywhere, adrenaline activities, gorgeous beaches, hot springs, and more

Yes, Costa Rica is known as a more adventurous destination when it comes to family travel but, as we know from experience (hello, Liddy’s mum, Trish!), just because you are in your older years doesn’t necessarily preclude you from wild adventures like zip-lining.

Although an exotic holiday can encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zones, most people of whatever age know their limits. So if whizzing through the treetops at heart-pumping miles per hour doesn’t appeal, there are gentler activities, too. You could be watching turtles lay their eggs, learning how the locals make chocolate, taking a lazy raft trip, soaking in volcanic hot springs or swaying in hammocks on a palm-fringed beach. See our Costa Rica sample itineraries to see what most appeals!

Costa Rica with kids - tubing Rio Celeste

Stubborn Mule’s Charlotte Hamilton took her dad tubing in Costa Rica… and he loved it!

3. A multi-generational holiday in Sri Lanka 

Holidays with grandparents in Sri Lanka

With its range of places to stay, Sri Lanka is ideal for holidays with grandparents and extended family

Pre-pandemic, Sri Lanka wasn’t just our top-performing destination but one of the most popular choices for taking a multi-generational holiday. Far smaller than its Indian neighbour, an exotic subcontinent experience in miniature, the sheer fact it’s easier and more compact to get around makes it a big hit with older generations as well as those with young children, too.

And again, there’s something for everyone, where no two days are the same, rendering boredom completely obsolete. The older generation, according to your feedback, particularly favour the colonial experience of sipping G&T’s or drinking tea overlooking the tea plantations in the Sri Lankan highlands, or the train trip from Kandy to Ella, through spectacular scenery.

Younger family members often say that elephant tracking in Minneriya National Park is their favourite thing to do, along with washing the elephants at a reputable and sustainable sanctuary. Then, of course, there’s sitting back and relaxing on paradisiacal beaches, which, not surprisingly, gets the thumbs up from all! Take a look at our Sri Lanka sample itineraries to see which you prefer.

4. A three-generation holiday in Norway

Dog sledding on a multi-generational holiday

Winter in Norway is a magical wonderland. Go husky sledding, look for the Aurora Borealis and tuck into crepes and hot chocolate in charming cafés

If you fancy a more unusual multi-generational family holiday, more of us are considering Norway. Arguably more suitable for three generations in winter rather than summer when you can go husky sledding, stop in fairy-lit cafes for hot chocolates and wander through characterful and colourful wooden-house-lined streets. Look out for the Aurora Borealis and simply enjoy the winter wonderland that is Norway in winter – it’s like a different country entirely in summer.

Once the snow melts and the days hugely lengthen, Norway is a magnet for outdoor adventure enthusiasts – think kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, and e-biking – which may suit younger family members or particularly intrepid Grandparents. Whichever time of year you visit, though, you can’t fail to be enchanted by Norway’s fjords and dramatic landscape. Take a look at our Norway itineraries to see what suits you. Norway in Winter or Norway in Summer

Multi-generational holidays in Norway - Fjord scenery

Norway in the summer offers a host of outdoor activities – especially popular with active teenagers

5. A multi-generation holiday in Croatia

Girl in Dubrovnik on the old town walls - multi-generation holidays in Croatia

A stroll around the walls of Dubrovnik is fun for all and there are handy cafés along the way for tired legs

Croatia was our big summer hit of 2021 and we’re anticipating the trend to continue for 2022. Boasting a stunning coastline of inlets and hidden beaches, ancient medieval walled cities such as Dubrovnik and Split which look like they’re straight out of The Game of Thrones (they are), phenomenal food, and rich history and culture, Croatia’s relatively close proximity to the UK means getting there is a doddle, for toddler and the grandparents alike.

As a destination, Croatia works really, really well for all generations. There’s not too much accommodation hopping, but plenty to see and do. The whole family might enjoy exploring the Dalmatian coast and towns, for example. Or perhaps it’s just the younger members who opt to take a day trip in the National Parks to fling themselves off cliffs into the azure waters below, whilst the grandparents sightsee locally at a more leisurely pace! Take a look at our Croatia itineraries for inspiration. Allow us to tailor your itinerary, though, to suit you all.

multi-generational activities in Croatia

Book a private guide so that older family members can enjoy adventure at a pace that suits them

Find out more about multi-generational holidays with grandparents and extended family

Whilst we’ve cherry-picked the most likely candidates when it comes to multi-generational holidays, it’s by no means an exhaustive list. See our toddler-friendly holidays, and if you have both older and younger family members, and check out our holidays with teenagers.

For even more ideas on the best holidays with grandparents and extended family members of all ages, do get in touch with us. We’d love to help. You can ring during office hours on 01728 752751, or use our website contact form.

Family holidays with grandparents in Asia

Thanks to Bård Løken©Visit Tromsø for the Norway dog sledding photo