Norway Family Holidays

Think of Norway and images of dramatic fjords, remote fishing villages and snow-capped peaks come to mind. This is indeed a land of truly spectacular beauty, a natural playground for outdoor-loving families. Perched on the edge of Europe, Norway’s crinkled coastline stretches an astonishing 100,000km due to the endless peninsulas, inlets and islands. It is from this coastline that Vikings set sail hundreds of years ago, setting out into the unknown west in search of bounty.

Inland the scenery is no less impressive, with an endless series of mountains rippling from north to south. Lofty snow-capped peaks soar above meandering rivers that cut through picturesque valleys. Waterfalls thunder down the mountainsides and icy-blue lakes reflect dramatic skies.

Teenager kayaking in Norway

Kayak in Norway’s spectacular fjords and icy-blue lakes

As might be expected, Norway in the summer is entirely different to Norway in the winter. In the summer, the mountains are verdant and green and on a Norway family holiday you can enjoy a huge range of outdoor activities. During the winter months, much of the country is covered in snow and the northern lights shimmer across the dark skies of the north. This is a time for husky-sledding, snow-shoeing, skiing, warm fires in log cabins and Father Christmas.

Why take the kids?

Some of our favourite activities on Norway family holidays include:

  1. Spectacular glacier and waterfall hikes
  2. Flam mountain railway
  3. RIB tours on Sognefjord
  4. Seeing the Northern lights from a remote log cabin
  5. Kayaking past icebergs
  6. Sampling local delicacies in Oslo and Bergen
  7. Winter activities in the Arctic North
  8. Arctic voyage in search of polar bears

See the Auroa Borealis on Norway family holidays

Catch the Aurora Borealis on a winter family holiday to Norway, something the family will never forget

For adventure-loving kids, a Norway family holiday will be a surefire success. Long summer days can be spent white-water rafting down sparklingly clear rivers and taking a SUP or kayak out onto a lake to find that perfect picnic spot. Dramatic mountains can be enjoyed by e-bike, leaving the kids puff-free and able to relish the experience.

Swimming in crystal clear lakes on family holidays in Norway

In the summer months hardy kids will love swimming in the crystal clear lakes

In winter, cosy log cabins provide a warm welcome at the end of a snow-filled day. The kids will love husky-sledding through pristine snow fields and wrapping up warm at night to watch the Northern lights overhead. Colourful Christmas markets are a riot of activity, with merry-go-rounds, twinkling lights, and stalls selling gingerbread and steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

Polar bears in Svalbard -Norway family holidays polar arctic cruise

For the ultimate in adventure, take the family on an Arctic voyage in search of polar bears
©Luca Bracali – Visit Norway

As you might expect, everything ‘works’ here, meaning that Norway family holidays are very easy. There is a huge range of accommodation, from simple mountain lodges to glitzy city-centre hotels. Norway is not a cheap country (see our price guide for further details) so we will tailor our hotel suggestions to match your budget.

Example family itineraries

All of our itineraries are bespoke which means that they are tailor-made for your own specific family. We will take into account the ages of your children, your interests, your budget, and so on. Our suggested itinerary for your Norway family holiday will depend on whether you are travelling in the summer (cue hiking, biking, kayaking, and so on) or in winter (for husky sledding, snow-shoeing and the Northern Lights).

Have a look at our Norway in Summer itinerary or our Norway in Winter itinerary for inspiration, but remember that we will tailor these to your family.

And if you are looking for the ultimate in polar experiences, see our Norway – Voyage to the Arctic, which includes an 8-night cruise to see polar bears, walruses, Arctic foxes, whales, and much more, with zodiac landings and kayak options.

Family in hot tub with s stunning view over a Norwegian fjord

Soak in a ‘hot tub with a view’ after a mountain hike – active families will love Norway


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