Kenya family safari

For many people Kenya embodies the spirit of Sub-Saharan Africa and a classic Kenya family safari is the ultimate wildlife experience for the kids. This is where ‘Out of Africa’ was filmed. It is a place of seemingly endless plains dotted with herds of elephant, where solitary acacia trees are silhouetted against a flaming sunset. It’s also the setting for the greatest migration on earth, when millions of wildebeest stampede across the plains in search of sweet fresh grasses.

Kenya is a spectacularly beautiful country with many contrasting landscapes. The harsh beauty of the parched semi-desert in the north is offset by the snow-capped splendour of Mount Kenya. There is thick equatorial jungle that cloaks part of the west and idyllic golden beaches that line the coast. Add to these the legendary rolling plains of the Masai Mara, one of Africa’s most iconic settings, and you have the perfect backdrop for a family safari.

Travelling with toddlers - toddler meets a Masai warrior on a Kenya family safari

Even the very youngest travellers enjoy experiencing Maasai culture…

Why take the kids?

The top reasons to choose a Kenya family safari include:

  1. Superb game viewing with the chance to spot the big-five
  2. Making a bow and arrow with a Maasai tribesman
  3. Opportunities for camel trekking, hiking and river swimming
  4. Wide sweeping golden sand beaches and exciting watersports
  5. Learning to track animal spoor across the plains
  6. A wonderful selection of accommodation on safari
  7. Boutique beach hotels many of which have lush gardens and gorgeous pools

Children adore the excitement and thrill of a family safari in Kenya. Tourism here is very well organised and they’ll love searching the horizon to be first to spot a cheetah family or a lion pride. Within minutes of starting your first game drive you will find they become avid ‘species collectors’. They will scour the landscape to ensure that they tick off the ‘big-five’ (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, elephant). This is a land that they will have seen a hundred times on film and they will be delighted to actually be in the heart of it, watching the animals as they hunt and play.

Teenager on safari in Kenya

Safari game drives in Kenya are ideal for teenagers with plenty to keep younger family members happy too

The children will love the experience of sleeping in a tented camp in the heart of a game reserve. They’ll enjoy telling their friends at school that they heard the roar of a lion in the night or went on a walking safari to see animals up close.

Example Kenya family itineraries

All of our itineraries are bespoke which means that they are tailor-made for your own specific family. We will take into account the ages of your children, your interests, your budget and so on.

However, to give you an idea of what you could do on a Kenya family safari or holiday, have a look at our sample itineraries, Highlights of Kenya and Kenya Out of Africa, with time on the beach. Also, check out some of the other places that you might like to visit on your trip and if you need further inspiration, have a look at our Kenya photo gallery.

Lastly, don’t forget to check what the weather will be like at the time that you want to travel. Or simply give us a ring and we’ll be delighted to advise you on the best Kenya family safari for you and the children.

Mother lion with cubs in the Masai Mara, Kenya family safari

Lion with her cubs in the Masai Mara

Will the children enjoy a Kenya family safari?

It is important to give careful consideration as to whether your children are old enough to enjoy a safari. This is an expensive holiday and there would be nothing more soul-destroying than taking the children on an incredible safari only to find that they are bored.

For a general discussion on what age children need to be to enjoy a safari, see our general African safaris overview. Remember that the key will always be to tailor the itinerary to the ages of your children and to ensure that there are plenty of non-vehicle-based activities.

To discuss how to ensure a Kenya family safari will be suitable for your family please give us a call.

Local kids meeting young tourist on a Kenya family safari

Making new friends on a village visit

Are family safaris in Kenya safe for children?

Seeing lion, buffalo and hippo up close sounds wonderfully exciting, but in the back of most parent’s minds is the tentative question as to whether it is really safe to be quite so close to wild animals.

Fortunately, it is. All camps and lodges in Kenya’s national parks have strict safety controls, including either electric fences or regular patrols by trained safari staff (sometimes armed with spears or a bow and arrow). There are also strict safety guidelines, which apply in many camps. For example, guests must keep on the camp paths and cannot walk around after dark unless escorted by a member of staff. Safety is of utmost importance and good practice will be explained to you all on arrival.

When out and about in the vehicle, it hopefully goes without saying that you must ensure that the children remain in the vehicle at all times. If a toilet stop becomes necessary your driver will find a safe place to pull over. Generally this will be somewhere that is quite open, so not as great for privacy but perfect for safety!

Kenya family safaris - giraffe in Amboseli National Park

While Mount Kilimanjaro is located in neighbouring Tanzania, some of the best views are from Amboseli National Park on the Kenyan side.


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