Nepal family holidays

Nepal’s mountain scenery is truly breath-taking and is reason enough to dig out your bags and take the family on an incredible adventure. Almost anywhere you go in the country, the massive range of snow-covered Himalayas provides an immense backdrop to a gorgeous landscape of carefully tended fields, small villages and lively temples.

Teenagers hiking in Nepal on family holiday

Trekking in the lower slopes of the Annapurna Region

On any Nepal family holiday you will want to spend some time in the mountains and many families choose to do this by including a trek. These treks range from easy day hikes to 2-3 days ‘taster treks’ up to challenging high-altitude adventures for example to Everest Base Camp. For more information on trekking in Nepal with your family, see our Family Trekking Holidays blog.

However, there is much more to Nepal than the Himalayas. The royal cities of the Kathmandu Valley are absolutely magnificent, with numerous intricately carved temples and grand Buddhist stupas. There are friendly villages and colourful, bustling markets. There are national parks where tigers lurk and rhinos have been brought back from the brink of extinction. Check out our Nepal with kids – Top 10 activities blog for ideas.

Family exploring Medieval Nepal

Kids will enjoy exploring the Medieval towns of Nepal

Why take the kids?

Our top picks for Nepal family holidays include:

  1. Watching the sunrise over the Annapurnas from Poon Hill
  2. Wandering through the streets of a medieval city
  3. White-water rafting in some of the world’s most spectacular scenery
  4. Staying in a teahouse on a multi-day mountain trek
  5. Spotting wildlife in Chitwan National Park
  6. Browsing the markets for vibrant jewellery, masks, sound bowls and prayer flags

Children will love a family holiday in Nepal, from the craziness of Kathmandu with its wandering sacred cows, living goddess and dread-locked holy men, to the exhilarating outdoor activities. Even the most reluctant naturalist will love the ‘thrill of the chase’ in Chitwan National Park, searching for the elusive Bengal tiger. Active children will enjoy the opportunity to hike into the mountains whilst others will hone their haggling skills in the bustling bazaars of Kathmandu and Pokhara. Most activities can be tailored to suit your children’s ages.

Child trying tradition food in Nepal on family trip

Classic Nepalese Dal Bhat… local food is tasty but there will usually be pizza options too

Tourism is well-established in Nepal, which makes it an easy place to travel with your family. For example, there will be plenty of scope for trying the local dish of rice and daal, but if this is not popular there will always be the opportunity to nip elsewhere for a sneaky pizza or sandwich. There is a wide range of hotels and the people are always enormously welcoming and friendly, particularly towards children.

Nepal family holidays - kids jumping in a pool

Your own pool is the perfect alternative to the beach after an active family holiday in Nepal

Example Nepal family itineraries

All of our itineraries are bespoke which means that they are tailor-made for your own specific family, taking into account the ages of your children, your interests, your budget and so on. However, to give you an idea of what you could do on a family holiday in Nepal, have a look at our sample itineraries, Nepal Highlights (no trek) and Active Nepal (with 3-day trek).

Also check out some of the other places that you might like to visit on your trip and if you need further inspiration, have a look at our Nepal photo gallery.

Lastly, don’t forget to check what the weather will be like at the time that you want to travel. Or simply give us a ring and we’ll be delighted to advise you on the best Nepal family holidays for you and your family.

Learn how to look after elephants on a Nepal family holiday

Ask us about the chance to see rescued elephants


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