Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka family holiday

Sri Lanka is one of our most popular holiday destinations and it is not difficult to understand why. It is a relatively small country, which means comparatively little driving, but it’s packed with wonderful historical, cultural and scenic attractions. The breadth of things to do and the easy-going culture mean that a Sri Lanka family holiday works for children of all ages.

Teenager in Sri Lanka tea picking

Hike through tea plantations and learn how to pick the leaves

The ancient sites (six of which are UNESCO World Heritage listed) are superb. They include huge Buddhist sculptures carved from rock and a hilltop fortress constructed on a rocky outcrop more than fifteen hundred years ago. These ruins are great even for younger children as there is plenty of opportunity for scrambling around. Older children will enjoy exploring by bike, so that temple viewing is interspersed with something a bit more active.

The scenery is glorious too with white sandy beaches fringed by palm trees, lush green paddy fields that are home to lumbering water buffalo and hilly tea plantations. Lastly, the food is delicious. Exquisite dishes are flavoured with coconut, cinnamon, cloves and other locally grown spices.

Family on safari at Minneriya, Sri Lanka at Christmas

An elephant safari is a must on a Sri Lanka family holiday

Why take the kids?

Our favourite activities to include on a Sri Lanka family holiday are:

  1. Tracking leopard in national parks
  2. Learning to surf on the southern beaches
  3. Exploring 2,000 year old ruins
  4. Helping to wash elephants in rivers
  5. Hiking through tea-plantations
  6. Watching dolphins surf the waves
  7. Swimming in waterfalls
  8. Swinging in a hammock on a white sandy beach

Sri Lanka is a brilliant place for a family holiday for all manner of reasons but chief amongst them is that the people are so incredibly friendly. This is true for much of Asia but is particularly so in Sri Lanka. You will find your children welcomed wherever you go; nothing is too much trouble. English is widely spoken and there is very little hassle. You will have the same driver throughout the trip, which allows for amazing flexibility.  If the children are tired or you need to switch around any activities all you need to do is speak to your driver.

For some great photos and even more activity ideas, check out our Sri Lanka Top 10 with Kids. And if your family is keen on wildlife, see Liddy’s Top Five Wildlife Experiences in Sri Lanka.

Drinking from a king coconut in Sri Lanka

Try refreshing coconut water straight from the coconut, one of our favourites 

Example Sri Lanka family holidays

All of our itineraries are completely bespoke which means that they are tailor-made for your own specific family, taking into account the ages of your children, your interests, your budget and so on. However, to give you an idea of what you could do on a Sri Lanka family holiday, have a look at our sample itineraries, Sri Lanka Summer Tour and Sri Lanka Christmas & Easter Tour.

Also check out the places that you might like to visit on your trip and if you need further inspiration, have a look at our Sri Lanka photo gallery.

Lastly, don’t forget to check what the weather will be like at the time that you want to travel. Or simply give us a ring and we’ll be delighted to advise you on the best Sri Lanka family holiday for you and your family.

Sri Lanka beach

Sri Lanka has beaches with buzz and also quiet secluded stretches of golden sand


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