Family trekking holidays can either be a nightmare of cajoling and bribery or a High Five success. The trick is to pick your trek carefully and not bite off more than you can realistically chew. Don’t aim to conquer Kilimanjaro (“if Little Mix can, so can we”) if in fact your children seldom climb anything more than the stairs.

Some families will relish the prospect of a ‘proper’ trekking holiday where there may be the occasional rest day but essentially you are hiking for most of the time.

Others will baulk at this and will be better suited to a shorter 2-3 day trek as part of a longer holiday with plenty of other activities. Or how about just popping in a famous one day trek and adding some playground kudos to your family holiday.

With this in mind, here are our top family trekking holidays from around the world – put your best foot forward!!

1. Getting High – Everest Base Camp

Trekking holidays with teenagers in Nepal

The ultimate in family trekking holidays… Everest Base Camp

12 day trek, suitable 12yrs +
For the ultimate family trekking holiday follow in the footsteps of Malory, Hillary and Tenzing to the legendary Everest Base Camp. The trip starts with a hair-raising flight into the mountains from Kathmandu to Lukla where you meet your trekking team. By the end of your first day you will have crossed your first high suspension-bridge. Kids will love swinging these alarmingly from side to side as parents teeter across! You will also have walked clockwise round your first mani prayer wall and greeted dozens of local children with ‘Namaste’.

The route itself is surprisingly gentle and you are often following man-made steps up a very gradual incline. Porters dash by laden with heavy loads and yak trains lumber along.

There is certainly no hurry here and with the altitude it is always better to walk slowly, enjoy the views and the banter from other trekkers.

The highlight is of course Base Camp itself, that holy grail of climbers. Here you are surrounded by twisted ladders, (victims of the constantly moving terrain), prayer flags, toilet tents and satellite dishes of wannabe summiteers. Oddly enough, you cannot see Mount Everest from Base Camp. However, you will most certainly be spellbound being surrounded by the highest mountains in the world. If you have any more energy left, perhaps climb nearby Kala Pattar (5,643m – higher than Base Camp) for views into the Western Cwm and the summit itself.

A family trekking holiday that is breathtaking. Literally! Get inspired by this 3D aerial view of Everest. And if Everest Base Camp is a challenge you think your family would relish, get in touch to speak with Helene about her experiences of this iconic trek.

2. For the Indiana Jones in all of us – the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Inca Trail - Family trekking holiday with Stubborn Mule Travel

The world famous Inca Trail, a family trekking holidays favourite

3½ day trek, suitable 12yrs+
The chance to combine a trip to the Amazon, a cruise on Lake Titicaca and a visit to the spectacular mountain-top ruins of Machu Picchu is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And for active families the natural choice is to take the world famous Inca Trail. This follows an ancient Incan pathway through the mountains, cloud forest and jungle. At the end of the trek, you arrive, Indiana-style, at the Sun Gate for sunrise with the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu spread beneath you.

This is quite a difficult trek. The first hard earned high point has the wonderful title of ‘Dead Woman’s Pass’. From here you can look across the valley and can see the next ascent looming beyond….there really are plenty of highs and lows!

The trek only takes 3 ½ days but it is at altitude and the ascents – and descents – are steep. Also, as the ancient Inca stone steps can be slippery in the rain this is not really suitable for children under 12yrs.

However even the most reluctant of teenagers will surely enjoy that sense of pride in arriving at Machu Picchu on foot rather than joining the crowds coming up from Cuzco by train and bus. And there are always the smelly but therapeutic hot springs at Aguas Calientes, along with a refreshing Inka Kola, at the end. A one-day version of this trek is available if this all just sounds like too much hard work.

The Inca trail hike can be integrated into both our example Peru family itineraries.

3. Marrakech and mountains – Climb Mount Toubkal

Summit of Mt Toubkal - Morocco with kids - family trekking holiday

Stubborn Mule’s Helene Cooper at the summit of Mount Toubkal on a family trek

3-4 day trek, suitable 8yrs+
At 4,167m, Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain in North Africa and a fantastic destination for a family trekking holiday. The scenery is stunning, with green and fertile valleys contrasting with high, barren peaks.

Traditional Berber villages provide useful stops for some inevitable mint tea on family treks. Here your children will be mobbed by local kids desperate for a football match. As you continue on you will ascend steep mountain passes (hop on a mule if you need to) offering stunning views of river valleys and terraced landscapes. Eventually you reach the snowline and will spend a chilly night at the Toubkal refuge. This is followed by a pre-dawn start, zig-zagging your way up the final scree slopes to the summit.

The heat and chaos of Marrakech may seem a world away as you gaze out over the Atlas range and Sahara Desert. But in less than thirty-six hours your family can be back, sitting in a rooftop café overlooking Djemma al Fna Square – enjoying a chest-thumping sense of achievement.

There are some itineraries in which you can fly out to Morocco and summit Toubkal on a long weekend. However we would not advocate this due to the dangers of altitude sickness and the possibility of bad weather. You would also miss out on the stunning and surprisingly varied scenery that you can otherwise experience on your way to the peak.

Email or ring to chat with Helene about her own experience of family treks including Mount Toubkal.

4. For peak baggers – Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro - family trekking holidays - family treks

Tackling Kilimanjaro is the serious choice for family trekking holidays

9 day trek, suitable 13yrs+
Snowdon eat your heart out – Kilimanjaro is serious trekking, at serious altitude (5,895m). Climbing to the highest point in Africa is not something that you can bribe a child to do. No amount of cajoling is going to get a reluctant hiker out of bed at 2 in the morning. And especially not for the frankly freezing and laborious plod in the dark to the summit. However for keen trekkers, conquering Kilimanjaro and reaching ‘the Roof of Africa’ is a massive achievement. It provides a huge boost for teenage self-esteem.

Success on Kilimanjaro is not a given though – route choice is vital. We would definitely recommend avoiding the busy Marangu route with its overcrowded huts and dubious toilet blocks. Go for routes which offer gentle and interesting ascents with the possibility of building in a rest day. We rate the beautiful and very scenic Rongai or the picturesque and unspoilt Lemosho, (see our Kilimanjaro Family Climb itinerary).

Both offer the chance of sighting wild game along the way and a quieter route away from the crowds. These routes have higher success rates due to the slow and steady rate of ascent. And success if what you need if you want your offspring to have a cracker of a story to brag about back at school.

5. Himalayas for all – family trekking in the Annapurnas

Family trekking holidays - Annapurnas

Ideal for family trekking holidays, the Annapurnas work for all age groups

1-day or overnight family treks, suitable for any age
Family trekking holidays need not be all about peaks. Although many people’s idea of trekking in Nepal is tied to Mount Everest, the beautiful Annapurna range offers a fantastic variety of treks. These vary from challenging circuits to easy day walks in the foothills.

Children of all ages should love walking in the Annapurnas. Local children will come out to greet yours at every opportunity. The walks are gentle and there is colour everywhere. Vivid prayer flags flutter in the breeze. Lush rhododendron bushes line the hillside and the brightly painted eyes of Buddha peer down at you from holy stupas. There is also a constant source of snacks at the delightful teahouses dotted along the way. Who knows, they may even get bored of noodles and pizza and attempt some yak stew…

Easy walks are suitable from children aged approximately 3 and above. However, younger children can also be accommodated. They can toddle some of the way and then be carried by strong parents (or by a porter if needed) for the rest. Children also find it a real adventure to spend a night in a traditional trekking teahouse so perhaps consider an overnight trek. This can be as part of a longer Nepal family holiday. Also see our Active Nepal example itinerary with a three-day trek.

6. From jungle to summit – Climb Mount Kinabalu

Family trekking holidays - Holidays with teenagers Mount Kinabalu

This climb takes you through lush jungle to a rocky summit

2-day trek, generally suitable for 10yrs+ but our youngest climber to date was 5
When we think of the perfect holiday destination for active families who love wildlife, beach and a bit of a challenge, Borneo is definitely top of the list. Younger children will love exploring the jungle and older ones can tackle Mount Kinabalu. At 4,095m this is the highest mountain in South East Asia. The great thing is that it need not take up the whole of your holiday as the entire expedition takes only 2 days. This means that there are options for families to split up. One parent can take an older child to the summit and the other can stay behind with younger ones and spot leaf-cutting ants in the rainforest.

Kinabalu is a brilliant mountain to climb for a family trek as it starts in lush jungle and ends on a barren rocky summit. This will give any teenager a real taste of ‘proper mountaineering’. However it avoids many of the usual issues such as progressive altitude sickness, lack of washroom facilities or just sheer inertia at a daily climb.

Views from the top are incredible at sunrise with the clouds beneath you. But by mid-afternoon you will have descended and can be sitting in a hammock on the beach. Read our travel consultant, Helene Cooper’s, gripping blog about climbing Kinabalu with her kids.

Family climbing Mount Kinabalu reaching the summit in rain and cloud

Our very own Helene Cooper and family reached the top of Mt Kinabalu despite the weather!

7. Putting your foot in it – Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

Family group - 50th birthday celebration - family trekking holidays

Adam’s Peak is a relatively easy hike to include on family trekking holidays

1-day night-time trek (in time for sunrise), suitable from 8yrs+
Most family trekking holidays are about getting out into the great outdoors, away from the crowds. However, there is the odd exception and the short trek up (holy) Adam’s Peak is a great addition to any Sri Lanka family holiday.

The aim is to reach the top for sunrise. This is quite a standard aim for many mountains but on Adam’s Peak there is a twist. At sunrise you can see the shadow of the mountain projected onto the sea of clouds below. Kind of like a ghost peak. This makes all those calf-killing steps worthwhile. Oh and if the children need an added ‘carrot’, tell them that they actually get to see the (alleged) footprint of Buddha at the top….

Because of the footprint, this short (4-5 hours) hike is the ultimate pilgrimage for Buddhists. You will find yourself joining wizened old ladies, walking in flip flops as they ascend to the summit. It is very much a cultural experience. In season (Dec-May) tea shops and little stalls line your route and it is very atmospheric with lights shining the way.

8. Towers of Pain?! The ‘W’ Walk in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile and other Patagonia treks

Family trekking holidays - family treks - W trek Torres del Paine National Park

The base of the famous granite towers in Torres del Paine National Park

5-day trek, suitable 10yrs+
If you tell your children you are taking them on the ‘W’ Walk you might get some strange looks. However, to pique (or peak?!) their interest, explain how they will be enjoying picnics in front of massive glaciers calving into turquoise lakes. Or climbing boulder fields to the base of towering mountain spires. Perhaps paddling in aquamarine water as icebergs float by. And generally spending time amongst the most incredibly dramatic scenery on earth.

Chile has to be the ultimate destination for adventurous families looking for an active holiday. And Torres del Paine is its jewel in the crown. Lying amidst the stunning ‘end of the world’ scenery of Patagonia, this national park contains arguably the most breathtaking mountain scenery anywhere in the Americas.

The 5-day ‘W’ Walk takes you to the magnificent Grey Glacier – a misnomer if ever there was one. Then deep into the French Valley, a maze of tumbling glaciers creaking their way down from rugged pinnacles. Along the shores of dazzling lakes – great for a bit of guanaco or condor spotting. And finally, up to the base of the famous towers themselves. And yes, people have actually climbed these seemingly unscalable peaks. Apart from the last day (towers of pain indeed), there is little steep ascent. And the terrain isn’t too challenging if you can cope with boulders and giant tree roots. This really is a brilliant way to get into the heart of true mountain territory without the altitude issues.

Alternatively there are shorter day walks that are just as exciting on the Argentine side from the mountain village of El Chalten taking you to the base of Mount Fitzroy. Combined with a trip to the Perito Moreno Glacier and Argentina certainly vies with Chile for fabulous family adventure holidays in the mountains.

A trip to Patagonia can easily be added to our Brazil and Argentina itinerary. To find out more, just give Stubborn Mule’s Helene Cooper a ring on 01728 752751.

Family trekking holidays

For more ideas on family trekking holidays, speak to Helene Cooper, our family trek specialist – email us or ring 01728 752751. After all, as Dr Seuss famously said, “Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!”

Liddy Pleasants, MD Stubborn Mule Travel
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