Ahhhh… Thailand… the whisper of the wind through a beach-front swaying palm tree, the blaring horn of a tuk-tuk in a busy Bangkok street, the sound of monkeys calling to each other in the jungle; these are the sounds of Thailand. For an idea of the sights of Thailand, enjoy our direct-from-the-road photos of Thailand, taken on your Thailand family holidays. This could be you!

Thailand beaches and longboat

Quintessential Thailand with karst peaks, turquoise waters and longtail boats. See all this and more on our Southern Thailand Adventure.

Southern Thailand family boat trip

The variety of transport is just another reason that families love Thailand. Boat, tuk-tuk, bus, overnight train, foot, bamboo raft, there are lots of options! Check our Thailand Places to Visit to see which destinations make your shortlist.

Kayaking - photos of Thailand family adventures

The cave-speckled coast of Southern Thailand is perfect for exploring by kayak. Paddle, swim, and splash to a quiet beach, where you can take a dip and enjoy a plate of steaming noodles washed down with a fresh fruit shake.


The busy teeming streets of Bangkok are a veritable assault on the senses. For a birds-eye view and to escape the mayhem, climb up to the Sky Walk for an ‘if-you-dare’ walk over the glass panels, with the streets a loooong way below!

Customer photos of Bangkok

Bangkok is a wonderful place to introduce the kids to Asia. Learn firsthand about Buddhism in one of the many temples before jumping in a longtail boat to explore the myriad small canals that thread through the city’s quieter suburbs. Enjoy this on our Highlights of Thailand or Southern Thailand Adventure.

Getting about in a tuk tuk. Photos of Thailand

No visit to Thailand is complete without a ride in an open-sided tuk-tuk. Whizz around the streets of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, refreshed by the wind in your hair as you inhale the sights and smells of the city. Both of our Thailand sample itineraries take you to Bangkok and our Highlights of Thailand also takes you up to Chiang Mai.

Our favourite less-well known Bangkok activity! Welcome to the Songkran railway market where the stall holders lay out their wares on the train track. When the train arrives (at a snail’s pace) all the stall holders remove their goods to the side whilst the train passes, before resuming their ‘rightful’ position. Check out our Thailand Customer Reviews for other highlights that families have particularly enjoyed.

Feeding elephants fruit

Ahhhhh, the elephants!! Done badly this can be an ethical nightmare, but done properly, as at our carefully researched elephant sanctuaries, you can interact with these wonderful animals. Feed them fruit, walk through the forest and help scrub them in the river. The kids will adore this.

Photos of Thailand - ElephantsWorld - making food for the senior elephants

The senior elephants need special food; help mash up rice and banana and shape this into elderly-friendly-elephant-burgers to feed to the older population.

Feeding the senior elephants - photos of Thailand

Take a walk through the forest with your elephant… before taking aim and launching your elephant mush into the welcome mouth of your eagerly receptive elephant!

River trip Thailand - holiday photos of Thailand

The Bridge over the River Kwai is essential watching for any history buff planning a visit to Thailand. Then come and see the Kwai for yourselves, learning about the tragic WW2 history of the area and visiting the POW graves. After a poignant morning, it’s time to relax with a long-tail boat ride to your floating river raft where you will spend the night watching fireflies dance over the river. Check our Places to Visit in Thailand to see where else you might like to visit.

Thailand River Kwai

Take the train over the bridge over the River Kwai and climb up to Erawan Waterfalls, stopping to swim in one of the pools whilst you try to ignore the tiny fish nibbling at your toes!

Kanchanaburi - Erawan National Park - River Kwai - holiday photos of Thailand - Stubborn Mule

The turquoise waters of Erawan National Park are almost too vibrantly coloured to be true. But it’s not Photoshop, the waterfalls really are that beautiful! And they provide the perfect backdrop for some stunning photos of Thailand to show the folks back home. Dive in and enjoy a natural power shower.

River rafts at the Float House - Thailand

Thailand has a wonderful array of accommodation choices. Spend the night in a treehouse in Khao Sok National Park, a palm thatch house in a hill-tribe village, or on a floating river raft. Dive in the water, float down to the last raft, climb back up and repeat. Endlessly. Have a look at our Thailand Places to Stay for further ideas.

Chiang Mai, river rafting

Up in the north of Thailand, head into hill-tribe country, stay overnight in a friendly village and take a trek through the jungle. The kids will love learning to cook food in bamboo before taking a bamboo raft down river on our Highlights of Thailand itinerary.

Terracotta Garden at Lamphun

Thailand has a rich history, with kingdom after kingdom having ruled over this fertile land. There are many beautiful old ruins, including Ayuthaya just north of Bangkok. Ask our team if you want to add this into your tailor-made family holiday.

Cooking on bbq at homestay in Thailand - holiday photos of Thailand

Teach the kids to cook Thai-style with a prepare-your-own barbeque at a friendly homestay near Chiang Mai. Sauté your meat, throw in your vegetables then choose between a frankly-bewildering array of sauces to create a masterpiece. Now just try to recreate that at home!

Holiday photos of Thailand

If these photos of Thailand look tempting, and you’d like to create your own bespoke family itinerary, do get in touch. We’d love to discuss what will work best for your family on a Thailand holiday.

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