Places to visit in Botswana

Home to some of the world’s most pristine natural environments, including the iconic Okavango Delta, the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, Chobe National Park, the Kalahari, and the Makgadikgadi Pans, sparsely populated Botswana in the heart of southern Africa is renowned for its vast wilderness, array of different landscapes and thriving wildlife. A place for those looking for a full-on safari experience, it teems with elephants, big game, and African wild dogs, to name just some of its remarkable animal life.

Aerial photo of elephants in the Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a spectacular labyrinth of waterways, islands and floodplains. Spanning over 15,000 sq km, it is one of the largest inland deltas in the world and is renowned as a haven for a huge variety of Africa’s wildlife. A truly immersive safari experience, exploring this rich ecosystem by traditional mokoro canoe and breathtaking game drives in what is often referred to as the world’s last Eden. The Okavango Delta is one of our ‘don’t miss’ places to visit in Botswana.

Places to visit in Botswana on a family safari - Mokoro in the Okavango Delta
Moremi Wildlife Reserve

Set in the heart of the Okavango Delta and covering nearly 5000 sq km, Moremi Wildlife Reserve is made up of a variety of habitats, ranging from lush floodplains to dense forests scattered amongst a network of waterways and lagoons.

A place for encountering Africa’s big game on thrilling game drives and traditional mokoro canoe excursions, it’s a stronghold for the endangered African wild dog.

Places to visit in Botswana on family safari - Wild dogs in Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta
Chobe National Park

Spanning more than 11,000 sq km, Chobe National Park has four distinct ecosystems: the breathtaking Chobe floodplain and river to the northeast, the captivating Savute Marsh in the west, the enchanting Linyanti Swamps in the northwest and, nestled in between, the hot, arid hinterland of Ghoha Hills.

Renowned for its vast elephant population and abundance of big game, it’s perfect for exciting game drives, while the Chobe River itself offers unique opportunities to mix up your safari with boat trips to both encounter the abundant water-based wildlife including hippos and get a different perspective on the land-based animals coming down to the water to drink.

Places to visit in Botswana - Chobe elephants at a waterhole against blue sky

The gateway to the Okavango Delta, this bustling rustic town is the launching point for everything safari-related. Most guests to Botswana in some way experience a few hours in Maun during their itinerary.

Makgadikgadi Pans

Covering 16,000 sq km, this otherworldly landscape is the ancient remnants of a prehistoric lakebed and stands in stark contrast to the surrounding Kalahari Desert.

The ethereal shimmering white surface of one of the largest salt flats in the world surprises and delights visitors with unique experiences ranging from the famed wet season zebra migration to evidence of human habitation and land use dating from the Early Stone Age. You can also track the elusive brown hyena and other big game in an unexpected environment.

Botswana family safari - Nxai Pan National Park
The Kalahari Desert

This sprawling wilderness covering much of Botswana is a stunning landscape of vast plains, rolling sand dunes and savannah. And what at first glance seems to be a deserted, arid landscape is in fact teeming with life, from desert-adapted meerkats and gemsbok to the cheetah and Kalahari lion that prey on them. Also home to the iconic San communities and their ancient civilisations, this is the place for a deep cultural dive into Botswana.

Places to visit in Botswana- family safari in Kalahari Desert
Victoria Falls

Botswana itineraries aren’t really complete without adding on Zimbabwe and Zambia’s Victoria Falls, one of the great natural wonders of the world. You can start and/or finish your Botswana safari with the majestic falls, a breathtaking playground for both kids and parents, with canoeing, white-water rafting, zip-wiring and other daredevil activities all on the agenda.

Zimbabwe family holidays - The Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side


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