When to go to Borneo

Borneo is a tropical destination and can be visited all year long. In theory the dry season runs from March to October so this is one of the few destinations in South East Asia that is ideal to visit during the European summer holidays. However, in reality it can rain at any time of year and the difference between the dry and wet season is not significant.

Downpours tend to be short and heavy, clearing the skies and often leaving it sunny for the rest of the day. Whenever you travel, make sure that you bring a rain-jacket! Temperatures are fairly steady throughout the year, between 27°and 33˚C.


Pleasantly hot (average 27°C), with a high chance of some rain and possibly stormy weather. Dry days can quickly turn wet, and vice versa. Towards the end of the month the weather normally improves, with drier days and more sunshine expected.


Pleasantly hot (average 28°C), probably some rain. Normally a marked reduction in rainfall from January. Sometimes considered a good time to go as the weather has improved a lot but there are still not many visitors.


An excellent time to visit. It will be pleasantly hot (average 28°C). There may be some rain but this is generally one of the driest months of the year.


An excellent time to visit. Good weather is expected across Borneo. Temperatures are pleasantly hot (average 29°C) and although there may be some light rain the showers are infrequent.


Another ideal month to travel. Still transitioning between monsoons, it will be pleasantly hot, with a chance of some light rain.


A good month to visit and it will be pleasantly hot (average 29°C). There may be some rain in some areas and occasional inland thunderstorms. Kota Kinabalu and Kinabalu National Park may receive heavier rainfall at times.


An excellent time to visit with ideal weather conditions across Borneo. Early booking is highly recommended! It will be relatively dry and pleasantly hot (average 28°C). There may be some rain around Kota Kinabalu and Kinabalu National Park, though this will normally be a short, heavier burst and then clear up.


Ideal weather conditions again and a great time to visit. Please do book early to avoid disappointment! A mixture of dry and rainy days, pleasantly hot (average 28°C).


Again ideal weather with a good chance of fine days throughout Sabah, and also nice weather at the Kota Kinabalu beaches (though there is always the chance of some rain).


Rainfall increases slightly however this is still a good time to visit with plenty of dry days and lower visitor numbers (temperatures average 28°C).


Rainfall continues to increase and there is the chance of some thunderstorms. There will still be some dry days (most likely in the south), average temperatures 27°C.


Strong chance of rain and thunderstorms in the north, some dry days in the south and still pleasantly warm (around 27°C).


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