Where to stay in Laos

The standard of accommodation in Laos varies widely across the country. In both Luang Prabang and Vientiane, which are the two most popular places for tourists, there are a wide range of hotels to suit every budget. These range from small, comfortable local hotels with a warm welcome but not too much in the way of luxury, through to fabulous and impeccably decorated boutique hotels (some large, some small) with every little extra.

So what is a typical Laos hotel like?

One of our favourite hotels in Southern Laos is the beautiful La Folie Lodge perched on the edge of the Mekong. Accommodation is in comfortable wooden bungalows set amidst extensive gardens. There is a great pool for the children to wile away the hours whilst the parents relax on a sun-lounger overlooking the river.

La Folie - bedroom - Laos

La Folie Lodge

How do mid-range and high-end hotels compare?

There are a wide range of hotels in Luang Prabang. One of the most popular mid to high-end hotels for families is the Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel, with beautiful wooden floors, shuttered windows and a strong colonial vibe. There is a beautiful pool and sensational food.

Maison Souvannaphoum Pool Night view - where to stay in Laos

Maison Souvannaphoum, Luang Prabang

At the more wallet friendly end of the scale, the Villa Chitdara works very well for families. More like a guesthouse than a hotel, the Chitdara has comfortable rooms and an attractive terrace in the garden where breakfast is served. There isn’t a lot in the way of luxury but the staff are warm and welcoming and the hotel is in a great location close to the town centre.

Villa Chitdara - where to stay in Laos for families

Villa Chitdara, Luang Prabang

If the budget is more generous, the Sofitel is hard to beat. Originally built as the residence for the French governor in the 1900s, the hotel has oodles of colonial charm but combined with contemporary luxury. There is a superb pool, beautiful mature gardens and each room has its own small private garden that is ideal for those with younger children.

Aerial view of Sofital Luang Prabang with pool

Sofital Luang Prabang, once the French Governor’s house, comes complete with big pool and gardens

As always, we will select hotels that will suit your family and fit your budget. Do ring us, or email to find out more about where to stay in Laos and we can put together an itinerary for you that is tailored to your family’s needs.


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