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You could spend a year in Greece and still only just scratch the surface of what there is to offer a visitor. It’s a huge country and with so many different islands to explore, you can return here year after year and always find new places to visit.

To whet the appetite we have created three itineraries that we think are perfect for families. Our Athens and Cyclades trip includes time to explore Athens and visit the Acropolis, before hopping on the fast ferry to Naxos for a few days, later continuing to Amorgos. Here you’ll spend your time on boat trips, beach excursions, hiking and more, before ending up for a couple of days of relaxation on the island of Santorini.

Sticking to the islands, our Crete trip offers a great combination of stunning scenery (explored on foot, by bike and in a sea-kayak) as well as gorgeous beaches and pretty towns.

For something a little different, you could consider our Peloponnese Adventure, concentrating on the mainland. This takes in the breathtaking ruins in Athens and Epidaurus, but also allows time to explore beautiful little seaside towns, their bougainvillea-filled streets a riot of colour. You’ll be white-water rafting, sea kayaking and discovering remote coves.

Greece itineraries - typical village street in the Cyclades

15 Days

Visit Athens, Naxos, Amorgos & Santorini

From £2,250 per person

Plus international flights starting at £200

Crete Adventure - Samaria Gorge - Greece itineraries

10 Days

Visit Chania, Oleander Gorge & Loutro

From £1,500 per person

Plus international flights starting at £200

Kayaking in the Peloponnese

9 Days

Visit Athens, Stemnitsa, Lousios Gorge, Kardamili, Nafplio & Epidaurus

From £1,500 per person

Plus international flights starting at £200

Crete is ideal for a family holiday with its range of gorgeous beaches and coves, not to mention the spectacular mountain ranges and pretty villages. Perfect for a two-week summer break, or shorten our example itinerary to create a week’s holiday at May or October half term.

As always, these itineraries just give you an idea of what you can do in Greece, and we will tailor our suggestions to your family. All of our itineraries are bespoke for you.

As soon as you are ready to start planning your trip or if you’d like to talk with someone with first-hand knowledge do get in touch.

Family hiking in the Cyclades - Greece customer reviews

Walking in the Cyclades


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