A bucket list family holiday destination if ever there was one, Egypt is understandably a perennial favourite, and just under a 5-hour flight from the UK. Not only does a family trip to Egypt bring the (ancient) history books to life, with the wow factor of the Great Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, exploring the Valley of the Kings and wandering through Abu Simbel, Karnak, Luxor (and more), but there’s also a whole heap of other inclusions to keep temple fatigue at bay.

Family at the Pyramids

Every family’s must-have selfie: in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza. It can come as rather a surprise that there are not just the main three pyramids here but a scattering of smaller pyramids, temples and ruins.

Family on camels at pyramids in Egypt

For the quintessential Egyptian experience, climb on a camel and take a slow amble through the desert, against a truly memorable backdrop! Visit the pyramids on both our sample itineraries, Highlights of Egypt and Egypt and Jordan Highlights.

Family fun at the pyramids, Egypt

And we have lift off!! Ignore the teenage eye-rolling and get yourselves some iconic pictures, whether jumping over the pyramids or making-like-a-pharaoh.

Family with view over Cairo - photos of Egypt holidays

Cairo is a crazy, busy, mesmerising, and bewildering city. Your tour guide will help you navigate your way, and will take you to some quieter viewpoints for a great bird’s eye over the metropolis.

Family shopping in Cairo Bazaar

Learn to haggle with the locals (it’s expected and traditional!) when buying souvenirs. For serious shopping, Cairo’s souqs – specifically the Khan el Khalili bazaar (pictured above) – are fantastic.

The Nile

Picture it. You are lying back in the shade, a white sail unfurled above you and a gentle Nile breeze wafting over you. Welcome to life on the Nile, on a felucca, the traditional sailing boat that has plied these waters for millenia.

River trip on the River Nile - Egypt holiday photos

A sunset cruise down the Nile at Aswan by motorboat, en route to the Nubian dinner. Just one of the exciting activities on our Egypt itineraries.

Egypt - meal time

Visiting fantastic local restaurants will be a highlight, not just in the main towns and cities but in tucked-away locations off the beaten track. Try koshari, a traditional dish made of rice, pasta, chickpeas, and spicy tomato sauce. Yum.

Felucca on the River Nile

And……relax! Enjoy time to chill as a family on board a felucca. Grab a book, get out the cards, or catch up on some R and R as you gently float along the Nile. Just before sunset, the boat is moored to the river bank and you will sleep overnight under the stars. See where else you can sleep and stay in Egypt.

Family at Valley of the Kings - Egypt
Abu Simbel is one of the most amazing historical sites in the country, with two vast rock-cut temples built by Ramses II, as you can see here. See some of our other suggestions of places to visit in Egypt.
Customer photos of Egypt, on Stubborn Mule Travel holiday

Teenager (left). Sphinx (right). Both deep in thought! Whilst over in the Valley of Kings, prepare to descend through a tunnel into the world-famous tomb of the young pharaoh, Tutankhamun.

Family inside a Pyramid - Egypt photos of family holiday

Inside of one of the underground burial chambers at The Valley of the Kings. You can’t go into every burial chamber here, but the ones you can are fascinating.

Inside Egyptian tomb

A typical walkway down to the burial chamber. Be warned, though, not all are as wide as this one!

Luxor - photos of Egypt

Immerse yourself in the history books with some of the (literal) giants of ancient Egypt, learning about different Gods, Pharaohs, and Queens. There’s a photo opportunity literally everywhere!

Hot air balloons in Egypt

On the west bank of the Nile in Luxor, you can take an early morning balloon flight. Enjoy unforgettable views of the city, temples and Valley of the Kings.

Up, up and away... hot air balloon 2 - Egypt

View from above. Lovely, isn’t it? Take a balloon ride for a sunrise you’ll never forget.

Scuba diving Egypt

Round off your trip with a few days on the Red Sea coast for world-class diving! You can find more exciting activities for families in our Egypt with Kids blog.

Holiday photos of Egypt

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