Costa Rica is our most popular destination and it’s not hard to see why, with its beguiling mix of activities, beaches, lush rainforest, and wildlife. At the end of every school holiday, the entire office loves reading all of our client feedback and looking at the wonderful family snaps that are sent in by happy travellers. We are perhaps the only people who genuinely want to look through each and every one of your family holiday photos! We’ve included some of our 2022 / 23 Costa Rica favourites below. You may also like to read some of our Costa Rica customer reviews.

Costa Rica in photos - Arenal

Probably our favourite activity in Costa Rica is the zip-lining through the rainforest outside La Fortuna. Nothing beats this for a sheer adrenalin rush! Include this on any of our Costa Rica family holidays.

Family on the beach in Costa Rica

What better opportunity for quality family time than finding a beautiful spot on the beach to watch the sunset? Pick the Pacific or the Caribbean coasts depending on when you are visiting. Check out when to go to Costa Rica for more details.

Chocolate making and waterfalls in Costa Rica

There’s plenty of activity on a Costa Rica Family Holiday, whether hiking to waterfalls (are you brave enough to swim?!) to visiting a coffee or cacao plantation and learning how to pulverise the beans to produce a cup of hot steaming hot chocolate or coffee!

Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica

Enjoy a white-knuckle ride on a white-water rafting adventure on the Balsa River. Grab your paddle and brace yourselves as you hurtle down the rapids, spinning, plunging and thundering down the river. Relaxing, this isn’t!! This can be included on any of our Costa Rica itineraries.

Relaxing on Costa Rica beach

Hello Instagram! There are few countries that offer a lusher selection of photo opportunities than Costa Rica. Whether you are nose to nose with a sloth, up close with a poison dart frog or just relaxing in a giant hamster wheel on the beach, the kids will be snapping pictures furiously throughout the trip.

Coconut milk drinks

For a refreshing drink after a day of adventure activities, grab yourselves a king coconut and slurp up the delicious fresh coconut water. When you’ve finished, the shopkeeper will slice off the top of the coconut with a machete and you can carve out the delicious flesh. Yum.

Howler monkey and brightly coloured frog -photos of Costa Rica

Sloths, turtles, frogs, monkeys, crocodiles, quetzals, hummingbirds….the list of wildlife in Costa Rica is completely mind-boggling and any trip will be full of animal experiences. One of the most memorable experiences will occur on a Costa Rica Summer Holiday when you can see turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

Riding in Costa Rica

Giddyup! Why explore on two legs when you can borrow four? Find a trusty mount and explore the countryside on horseback like a real Costa Rican cowboy.

Hot springs in Costa Rica

In the tropical heat, you’ll love the opportunity to swim and cool off. Take a dip at the base of a waterfall or head to some hot springs outside La Fortuna to see how hot you can bear it!

Mince pies in Costa Rica

Exactly what route does Santa take across the Christmas night sky? No idea, but Santa hats and mince pies can make an appearance on our Costa Rica at Easter and Christmas itinerary.

Surfing in Costa Rica

Whether you are an experienced surfer or a beginner, there will be a surf break to suit you. Both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts have some great surf spots.

Zip lining at Arenal, Costa Rica

You’ve done Go Ape. You’re ready for more. But are you ready to send your nearest and dearest off on a 700m zipline across the deep valley to a remote and distant tree platform. You betcha.

Learning to milk a cow in Costs Rica

Milking cows may not immediately spring to mind when planning your Costa Rica Family holiday but if you stay on a small farm that we know and love outside Bijagua, this is exactly what you might be doing!

Kayaking in Costa Rica

Kayaking through the mangroves is one of our Top 10 Activities in Costa Rica. It’s lush, it’s peaceful (aside from the chattering of the monkeys) and it’s utterly beautiful.

Beach and activities in Costa Rica

Spend some quality time together on your family holiday, whether abseiling or chilling out on the beach. Check out our Places to visit in Costa Rica for inspiration. You might also like to see our latest Costa Rica with Kids blog post.

Photo of family on a river float in Costa Rica

Just outside La Fortuna, the quiet waters of the Penas Blanca river are the perfect destination for a quiet ‘safari float’. Meander down the river, listening to bird calls and watching lazy crocs lolling in the sun on the river bank.

Costa Rica scenery

Wildflowers, sunsets and mountain views. What more could you want?!

Costa Rica photos

If you have decided that a family holiday to Costa Rica MUST be on the cards, do please get in touch and we’d love to discuss what will work best for your family.

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