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We are very proud of the honest and detailed feedback that we get from our trips and are pleased to share reviews from past travellers. These are kept as up to date as possible. Please have a read through to get a real sense of the kind of experience that you might have on a family trip to Brazil.

Curl crested aracari - Jungle lodge - Brazil customer reviews

A curl crested aracari snapped at Jungle Lodge in the Amazon

Vivekananda Family (with children aged 6 & 8)

Travelled October Half Term 2023
Dear Liddy and Jess. Thank you for organising our Brazil holiday. We returned today and had the most fabulous time. Having it all planned by you so well in advance made it so relaxing for us there. We were really impressed by the quality of all of the guides. We really liked all the places we stayed – I think we had a slightly unique experience at Pequi as for the few days we were there we were the only guests, which was a real treat for us and gave us more flexibility with the activities. The hotel in Paraty was in a fabulous location and a beautiful and relaxing place to stay. All the transfers/ being picked up by the guides/ drivers happened seamlessly – they were all punctual and professional. 

It was really reassuring to be greeted by the guides who knew our names and us knowing there’s from the documents provided – I think there was a change in guide at Iguacu as we had been told a different name on the documentation, we were very happy with our guide there too but one minor improvement would have been us being made aware of the change in advance of arrival. 

We all enjoyed the activities – the food at the accommodation was excellent.  Staff at the accommodations and drivers/ guides were very kind to the children who thoroughly enjoyed their trip. 

Thank you again.

Brannigan Family (with children aged 9 & 15)

Travelled Summer 2023 – Brazil & Argentina
We had a really great time – thank you to you (Liddy) and Jess for your hard work in putting this together and being available for us. The guides were all great and some superb. The itinerary worked great and apart from the storm in Rio which closed the airport and kept us an extra day in Rio, everything worked very smoothly. We got to see a family of humpback whales off the coast in Praia do Forte which made me very happy and went to two football matches in Rio and Buenos Aires which made my son even happier. The hotels were all good too – especially in Rio and the hotel at Iguacu Falls, which was very special. Thanks again.

Bonhôte Family (with children aged 10 & 13)

Travelled Easter 2022

Liddy, Yes back in one piece with very jet-lagged boys but heads full of amazing memories. Got the heaviest of work days ahead but would love to give you a bit of feedback, though 99,9% positive (internal flights and always having to commute via Sao Paolo is probably the extent of the worst). We absolutely loved it; having lived in Mexico for a year, we are sort of used to the disparities and the feel of Latin America (though yes Mexico is in North America).

Oliver Family (with child aged 11)

Travelled Summer 2019
Helene – We had a fabulous holiday thank you so much for EVERYTHING.  It really was amazing. A few bits of feedback for your future trips – the trip was wonderful and this may end up sounding critical (not AT ALL my intention)… the intention is more to help future travellers.

Your in-country team:
They were very helpful… Every single transfer was on time and the logistics worked seamlessly.

Hotel was excellent – obviously a bog standard city hotel rather than “quirky” but lovely staff, superb location and breakfasts that meant you didn’t need to eat lunch. Being 10 metres from the beach was a lifesaver.

Bicycle Tour:
Was good. There was a confusion on pick up which the guide seemed to be wrong footed by. That put timings out so we ended up doing a shorter tour.

Rio Tour/ Sugarloaf/ Christo and Victor the guide:
Excellent. Victor was wonderful – kind, knowledgeable, passionate and perfect English. Highly recommend and I am glad we did the cultural tour – we would have missed a lot if we hadn’t.

Simone and the cooking was great fun – she is a joy! Also just FYI the museums in Rio are good for rainy days… Museum of Tomorrow and Rio Art are fab!

I think Manaus is underrated – it’s a wonderful crazy place with a great local food market and some interesting and the hotel was great!

Amazon Lodge:
WOW. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. What a place. What an experience. Quiet, beautiful, nice to meet other families too. Great guides, glorious buffets of local food, resident monkeys and the view from our room was the stuff dreams are made of. Perfect. The river pool was a highlight for my son and friends he made.

Beautiful place – gorgeous hotel. We were unlucky with the weather – and note the pool wasn’t heated so even for my son who will go in anything you couldn’t play in it.  However the trips and guides were brilliant – sliding down rocks, going in waterfalls, visiting the rum distillery were wonderful and the climb up the big mountain in the fjords was bloody tough but SO worth it!

Here the weather finally defeated us. Glorious spot… although again worth being aware pool not heated so freezing if temp outside is low. Also the atmosphere wasn’t massively family friendly – its a bit more “zen”, yoga – the guy was a bit grumpy as we listened to the cricket via our phone – bear in mind we were the ONLY guests in the hotel in the rain!… so I am not sure it’s one I would recommend again; at least not in low season.

That’s all from me. Helene you have been amazing at every stage. Really. You made a big difference to us at a difficult time.

Young Family (with children aged 9, 12 and 14)

Travelled Summer 2019
Hi Caroline. We had an amazing time, thank you. The trip was really well organised, I really couldn’t believe how smooth everything was with all of the transport and tour guides. The Pantanal was really amazing, we could even have stayed longer. It really was great. The only thing I would mention that could possibly be improved is the transfer times for 2 of the flights.

Marks Family (with child aged 14)

Travelled Easter 2018
Thanks for a wonderful trip. So many highlights but I guess Iguassu was a top favourite with us all. We also loved the Pantanal and were really lucky with the wildlife here. We had a great guide (Raul) who had an extraordinary knowledge of all the flora and fauna and made it all so interesting. Whoever knew I could be so excited about insects?! Highly recommended.

Can’t wait to go back and will be in touch about a trip to the north at some point next year. Thanks so much for your help with the planning.


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