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Read our customer reviews to get a sense of the kind of experience that you might have on a family trip to Slovenia with Stubborn Mule. We are very proud of the feedback that we get and are pleased to share reviews from past travellers. These are kept as up-to-date as possible.
View of Ljublhani, the capital, with the castle in the distance

Young Family (with children aged 7 & 12)

Travelled Summer 2023

Hi Liddy. We had an amazing holiday, thank you very much to you and your team for all your help in organising it and while we were there. The water there was absolutely stunning, the kids loved the SUP, canyoning and rafting activities and all the jumping in, my 7-year-old even managed the 8m jump on the rafting trip! We loved everything about Slovenia and would definitely go back. Loved all the areas we visited, especially Logar Valley, and everyone was so friendly. It really is such a beautiful country. Piran was really lovely to visit too, and really lovely hotel. Really loved Galboka (and Nerezine) too. So glad we got to see all these places we would not have even thought of. 

Foulkes Family (with kids aged 9, 11 & 13)

Travelled Summer 2022
Dear Caroline. We had an absolutely brilliant time in Slovenia and Croatia. The whole holiday went very smoothly and we are so grateful to you and your team for having organised it all. We particularly enjoyed Lake Bohinj and the Soca Valley, and the evening we had in Rovinj in Croatia was a lovely addition and I would add to all itineraries (the hotel in Rovinj was amazing too). We also took a detour to Pula from Rovinj (on the way to Losing) to see the Roman amphitheatre which was really worthwhile. The children loved jumping off jetties and piers, and the views in Slovenia were quite spectacular. We are so thrilled to have got them all hiking at last! Huge thanks to you all! 

Bryan Family (with kids aged a 10,13 & 15)

Travelled Summer 2022
Thanks to everyone at Stubborn Mule for organising our holiday to Slovenia. We had an amazing time travelling around this beautiful country. It’s an incredible place full of phenomenal scenery and with a huge range of fun things to do as a family – it’s definitely going to get more popular in the coming years! The itinerary that Helene and team put together for us was perfect, including kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, white water rafting, and a city tour of Ljubljana along with lots of time to relax. All the logistics of hotels, cars & activities were perfectly organised and went super smoothly.

Joset Family (with teenager aged 18)

Travelled Summer 2022
Hi Caroline. We are very well and still buzzing from our trip in Slovenia. I am so happy that you recommended Slovenia to us: we had a fantastic time. From start to finish, the trip was perfect. All the hotels were amazing and the places that we visited were all beautiful and perfect for outdoor activities. The climb to Triglav was fantastic and Igor our guide was excellent. I had complete trust in him and we felt really safe. I don’t have a single negative comment about this trip, it was our first holiday abroad after 2 years of pandemic and it couldn’t have been a better way to start travelling again. Thank you so much for this trip.

Manson Family (with children 8,11 & 14)

Travelled Summer 2022 – Slovenia and Croatia
Hi Charlotte. Highlights of the trip include Lubjliana – a beautiful city, we all really enjoyed the castle and the amazing views, and also just pottering around enjoying the Dragon Bridge, and theme which was all over the city. Lots of lovely restaurants and cafes to stop off at, by the river too. We loved the Logar Valley – The hike up to the Strelovec Ridge was quite steep, but the boys enjoyed it and the views at the end were really stunning. It wasn’t too busy, with lots of butterflies and wildflowers still out. Child-friendly options at the Klemenci Jami hut were a little limited, but they provided us with some bread and butter and the magic marmite pot that goes everywhere comes in handy. The boys couldn’t believe their luck when they spotted swings and skittles at the mountain hut and was a lovely rest break for them. 

We loved the hotel in the Logarska Valleyone of our favourite places. We could almost have had an extra day just to relax and enjoy the stunning natural pool, with the most amazing views of the mountains in the background! 

Lake Bled was lovely, although incredibly busy!

The Zipline was in everyone’s top five activities – the company were really good and altered the timing so we could enjoy a beautiful sunset (as opposed to torrential rain at our scheduled time). The boys all loved it and would have done it again and again. Stunning views over rivers, and mountains – truly magical. 

We were a little unlucky with the weather for paddleboarding, as there was quite a bit of wind and the water was a little choppy, but nevertheless, it was a beautiful setting and with different conditions, I think the boys would have loved it. 

The hotel in Bovec was another favourite. The pool and views were lovely. Rafting down the river Soca was brilliant and we all enjoyed jumping in and having a swim at the end.

I think the kayaking was in everybody’s top three! Such stunning clear, blue water, beautiful views all around, and a mostly gentle journey down the river with a welcome challenge of a few rapids. We all had a kayak each and the boys had a real sense of achievement at the end. I must say that the company boss did take one look at O and was a little nervous about taking him as he’s only 8. Luckily the guide was confident he could support him, but I think it helped that we were able to say that O had done some kayaking before. 

We were quite awed by the Postojna Caves – it was incredibly busy when we arrived for our slot, and luckily Anja was able to explain to us to go to the fast queue to collect our tickets. However, the tour was well paced and the crowds didn’t take away from our experience.

A day with the bears was everybody’s top activity. The guided tour in the afternoon was really well informed, interesting and intimate. Probably quite long for the younger children, but it was definitely worthwhile. We were provided with a delicious tea ahead of our time in the hide, and luckily bread and apple fritters were also provided to cater for fussy children.

We made the best of the opportunity to train the littlest and chattiest child to practice being quiet for two hours on various days in the run-up to the hide! It was comfortable to sit in, and we enjoyed the boys having to be quiet for a couple of hours. We were incredibly lucky to see a male bear, 3 years old, and a mother with three cubs appear for us. The look on O’s face when the bear cubs turned up was quite a picture. A memory that will hopefully stay with us all. 

Croatia was wonderful and relaxing, we loved the hotel and the beach and it was great to have a couple of days of doing relatively nothing. A couple of learning points, however… 1) some borders are for EU citizens only! Our Sat Nav took us on the quickest route across the border.. only to discover that since leaving the EU we were not allowed to cross here.. and had to travel an extra 45 mins to the appropriate border crossing! We had left plenty of time to catch the ferry and so our crossing was not affected.

Finally – Anja was brilliant.. really helpful and responsive on the multiple times we contacted her with queries. 

Kitchen Family (with children aged 8 & 9)

Travelled Summer 2022
Hi Caroline. Slovenia was absolutely amazing. I can’t tell you how ideal it was for us!!! D was such a help for advice and restaurant ideas and apart from the border (which won’t be an issue from January 2023) it was such a smooth, easy and wonderful trip. We wouldn’t change a thing about our trip. Our fave accommodation was in the Logar Valley. So welcoming and the view was astounding. We didn’t go and see the horses, instead, we went for pasta and gelato in Trieste which was fab. I have recommended you guys to so many people so hopefully, you’ll get some more bookings!!!

Miller Family (with children aged 9, 13 & 16)

Travelled Summer 2020
Slovenia totally exceeded our expectations. We had expected lovely mountains, but hadn’t been prepared for quite how beautiful it would be. So varied in different parts of the country but always always stunning. Our favourite area was the Soca River Valley. The kids loved the white-water rafting and the older two also went canyoning with P whilst J and I went for ice-cream. We all had a great day then!

However, my favourite activity here was the hike we did on the Soca Trail, crossing over the footbridges and with such amazing views of the river and the mountains. Honestly, it was incredible. (The trail was easy to follow too, which was a bonus!). Our farmstay here was lovely. The kids really enjoyed being able to go off on their own and explore and the location is beautiful.

We also really like Ljubljana. There’s not a huge amount to see, but it’s just a lovely place to wander around. We found an amazing restaurant here with loads of Slovenian specialties – the kids loved it as they had enormous mountain sausages on the menu, and P enjoyed the craft beer. I just enjoyed it all. Thank for you all your help and suggestions.


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