When to go to Burma

We are not currently organising holidays to Burma/Myanmar
The best time to visit Burma is between November and April, during the dry season. As the season progresses it gets more humid and by the Easter holidays it will be very hot and humid. This is still a great time to visit but you will need a slower itinerary to allow for plenty of down time by the pool.

The monsoon arrives in May and lasts until October. However July and August are still a good time to visit, with plenty of sunshine in the ‘dry plains’ around Bagan and Mandalay. There are also very few other visitors so you have some of the sights almost to yourselves. However, do note that the beaches are closed at this time of year, so if you want some time on the beach you could consider adding on a few days in Thailand.


January is peak season with excellent conditions throughout. The beaches will be drenched in sunshine although on the Shan plateau you may still need a fleece very early in the morning or late at night. However it will be pleasantly warm there and great for trekking. Any rainfall is very unlikely. Please ensure you book early if travelling over Christmas.


Ideal travelling conditions, warm (high 20s to low 30s) and no rainfall expected. With sunny beaches and warm highlands, this is one of the best months to go.


Excellent weather across the country. There is very little rainfall and it will be very warm, on average 30-35˚C.


Average temperatures will be increasing throughout the month, from around the mid-30s in the highlands up to 40˚C in the lowlands by the end of April. This is when the annual water festival takes place and the country descends into one giant water fight. By the end of the month it may be too hot for some families as it is also quite humid.


May remains very hot and visitor numbers start to decline as the rainy season approaches. Some showers may happen as the rains are just around the corner; there may also be a bit of a breeze starting towards the end of the month, helping to cool things a little in some areas. The middle of the country still has very high temperatures, approaching 40˚C at times. The beach season finishes at the end of May, with many hotels closing until late September.


Summer makes way for the southwest monsoon, bringing with it slightly cooler temperatures and some rainfall. Most of the beach resorts will now be closed, and, while remaining relatively dry in some places, the rains will begin to fall, becoming heavier as the month goes on. Temperatures will be around low to mid 30s.


Temperatures remain high at 27-30˚C on average, and monsoon rainfall peaks. Beaches are closed; however you can still visit other parts of the country with the central plains around Bagan and Mandalay remaining hottest and driest. Many families visit in July due to school holidays… just take a rain jacket!


As in July there is quite a bit of rainfall in much of the country but it will often be relatively dry around Mandalay and Bagan. Many families visit at this time but note that the beaches are closed. Temperatures 27-30˚C on average. Rainfall starts to lessen at the end of the month.


Rainfall starts to subside as the monsoon comes to an end and temperatures start to drop slightly (around high 20s and low 30s). Beach resorts remain closed.


A good time to visit with low tourist numbers and good weather. The rainy season is coming to an end, with showers tailing off as the month goes on, and becoming pleasant and sunny across the country. Beach resorts open again, though be prepared for new staff still getting to grips with things and monsoon damage still being repaired earlier on in the month. An ideal time for trekking in the Shan region as temperatures are pleasant (though you will need a jumper at night).


One of the very best months to visit Burma! Resorts will be fully open and temperatures more moderate, from 25˚C in the Shan plateau (chilly at night) up to 30˚C+ in the Mandalay and beach areas. Not as many visitors as December/January, so an excellent time to come.


Excellent time to visit with lots of sunshine and blue skies. This is one of the coolest months of the year (by Burmese standards!), so is ideal for families. Temperatures at highs of around 24˚C in the highlands, and 30˚C+ over much of the rest of the country. Plenty of sunshine, no rainfall expected, a beautiful time to be at the beach.


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