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We are very proud of the feedback that we get from our trips and are pleased to share reviews from past travellers. These are kept as up to date as possible. Please have a read through to get a real sense of the kind of experience that you might have on a family trip to Bali.

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Local family transport in Ubud…

Gonda Family (with children aged 12 & 15)

Travelled Summer 2019
Dear Helene – Thank you again for organising this beautiful trip for us! We loved every minute of it. Yes, Bali has changed a lot in the last 20 years, but it is still magical. The amount of tourists (this coming from a tourist…!) was higher than I expected in Ubud, luckily the situation was much better in Munduk, Pemuteran and Sanur. They were great, not overcrowded.

We were very happy with our guide Ketut, he tried to explain the spiritual side of Bali life with great detail, also gave us very interesting information about everyday Bali life (schooling, marriage, families, health care, tax etc). He was also very punctual, trustworthy and caring. Everybody else involved was also very punctual, every transfer was on time and we always got nice, tidy transports.

We were also very happy with the hotels. The first one in Ubud could have been better cleaned but we loved the authentic feel, the central but quiet location with the river and the beautiful garden. The children were very happy with the pool. At the second hotel we just loved the breathtakingly beautiful garden, and the hotel personnel was really lovely. Third and fourth hotels (resorts really) were just perfect, although a bit removed from the “real Bali”.

We found Puri Santrian’s restaurant quite overpriced, but it was not a problem, we ate out lots in local warungs.

Activities were also perfect. Children loved the monkey forest, the bird park, the treetop adventure, the rafting, practically everything. My husband put snorkelling in the first place. We all loved the fantastic scenery, the lush greens, the palm trees, the rice terraces, the beautiful temples, everything. We were lucky to be there for the Galungan celebrations, we saw the locals in their traditional costumes etc.

If we would drop something we would leave the canoeing on the lake, but maybe we went at the wrong time. We went in the afternoon, and we were the only tourists, and the only ones on the lake. It felt a bit odd. Also the monkeys on the shore were all gone by this time.

The bicycle tour was fun. As I said I was not on a bike since two decades : )… our guide discovered very quickly that it is in everybody’s best interest to carry me around on a tandem, so he did, and I was very grateful for it.

We really loved the turtle sanctuary in Pemuteran, we adopted a few baby (3 months old) turtles, and let them into the wild. Our biggest piece of good luck, we still can’t believe it, happened in Sanur. On our second day at the hotel we were on the beach and unexpectedly a turtle nest hatched in front of our eyes! It was an unexpected miracle…

It went so quickly, I hardly believe it is over now and we are back to reality.  Have a great autumn, thank you again for organising this trip for us.

Sykes Family (with children aged 12 & 14)

Travelled Summer 2018
We had a wonderful holiday, just an incredible experience. Bali is such a beautiful country and the people were all lovely. I think we all have slightly different highlights; I loved the rice fields up in the mountains, probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. We all loved the Fire Dance – we had low expectations (sitting on the floor in a packed amphitheatre!) but it was fantastic. And the highlight was probably the snorkelling at the coral reef – swimming alongside a sea turtle is something that none of us will ever forget.

Some of the accommodation was fabulous – the first villa in Sanur was just stunning and we loved the Greenfields place in Ubud.  In fact we loved Ubud, we all agreed we would have liked a little more time there.

I think if we were to do it again we would probably have had one less location and extended the others by a day or two. And it did feel that we could have reduced travel somewhat if we had ordered the locations differently although that’s obviously dependant on hotel availability.

Our guide Sas was great – desperate to please and went out of his way to be helpful. And we loved our driver Patrick. The only small criticism I would have is that the transport wasn’t particularly comfortable and seat belts would have been appreciated.

But overall just an amazing trip Liddy and I’ve already recommended Stubborn Mule to a number of my colleagues. The girls will definitely enter the competition, they took hundreds of pictures so just need to decide which ones they want to submit!

Thanks again… Hopefully we can book a trip with you again in the future.

Anderson Family (with children ages 12 and 15)

Travelled Summer 2019
Thanks Caroline! We had a great holiday thank you – even got upgraded to business class on the return flight from Dubai. All the transfers went smoothly without a hitch. Both the guide and driver were very nice. Thank you for a fabulous holiday. I am quite proud of myself for having gone that far alone with the kids!

By the time we arrived at the first hotel it was gone 1am so think a 9am start that day was ambitious. We enjoyed the bird park and the monkey forest.

The cycle ride on day 3 was probably my least favourite activity.

The cookery class was amazing! The lady running it was a character and very engaging. Even the boys, who’d been reluctant, had a great time.

We skipped the white water rafting as you know but I would say it was difficult to know how to cancel an activity…

The sunrise trek day 5 was awesome…

The hotel in Ubud was incredible. The room was superb, the staff were very friendly, it was immaculately clean and the spar treatment I had was very reasonable and enjoyable.

Day 6 was relaxed and we all enjoyed seeing the rice paddies…

The Treetop adventure place was superb and the boys thoroughly enjoyed this…

We enjoyed the waterfalls but it would have been useful to know there was the opportunity to swim as we would have had swimwear and towels ready.

Mimpi was superb. Absolutely loved this hotel.

Day 9 snorkelling was great fun…

Day 11 went to a lovely restaurant before the temple. Don’t think the boys were really that interested in the temples but I appreciated seeing them.

Day 12-14 we spent mainly on the beach, which was a short walk from the hotel. The hotel was good and the room great. We paid to have late check out.

So my top tips would be:

– Families may wish to have a few rest days

– It would be useful to have an idea of what to take on trips ie if swimwear needed

– A contact number for cancelling trips at short notice if needed

I still haven’t given up on Sri Lanka so will be back in touch when I’ve saved up!

Thank you for a fabulous holiday.

Molenar Family (with child aged 7)

Travelled Easter 2018
Thank you for putting together such a wonderful trip to Bali. It was just the right amount of active and leisure time. We had a lovely time! We really enjoyed our outings (snorkelling, hiking and bicycling). Although my husband’s favourite by far was the bicycling trip. And thank you so much for the lovely gift basket and the massage at the beginning of the trip. It was much appreciated especially the massage. We ended up with 1.5 hour massage each because 30 minutes were on the house.

Lane Family (with children aged 13 and 15)

Travelled Summer 2017
Thanks so much for a great trip to Indonesia, so many highlights it’s difficult to pinpoint the best part. For me it was definitely the boat trip in Komodo – so much fun having this to ourselves and the snorkelling stops were incredible. The Komodo dragons were also great – totally repulsive but in a strangely mesmerising way! The boys probably loved the adventure activities most. 

The day cycling through the rice paddies near Ubud was particularly popular as we stopped in some little restaurant along the way and they ended up having an impromptu football match with some of the locals. The white water rafting was also a hit though frankly I thought it was terrifying. The guides were all lovely but particularly Ayu who went above and beyond during the Ubud section – always recommending excellent local restaurants, helping us plan our time and so on. Please pass on our thanks. We’re planning Peru next summer so will be in touch.

Peters Family  (with children aged 14 and 16)

Travelled Summer 2017
We are all a bit red-eyed having only just got home after the relatively epic flight, but what a great holiday! We all had different favourite parts; I loved the day that we spent cycling in the area around Ubud as it was so beautiful and we got to meet some wonderful people. Johnny, our guide on this day, took us through a small village and there were chickens squawking and children running about and it felt remarkably rural so close to Ubud.

The kids somewhat inevitably loved the beach and found a gang of friends at the hotel here so we barely saw them. T loved all the art galleries and met a local artist who does really interesting work so we spent ages with him and ended up buying some lovely pictures.

Snorkelling on Menjangan was incredible as the water was so clear. We saw masses of marine life. Next time we want to visit Flores and Komodo as we met a few people who had been here and raved about it. Thanks for arranging a wonderful trip.

Family Aeberhard & friends (with children aged 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9)

Travelled Easter 2017
Dear Kelly – we had a very interesting and fun trip through Java. We saw many new and exciting things and in particular the volcanoes were great and very impressive. These were best liked by the kids of course. Our guide was very pleasant, patient and knowledgeable, so everything perfect there.


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