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We are very proud of the feedback that we get from our trips and are pleased to share reviews from past travellers. These are kept as up to date as possible. Please have a read through to get a real sense of the kind of experience that you might have on a family trip to Namibia.

Leopard Namibia

Feeding time at Okonjima Game Reserve for a rescued leopard

Rutherford Family (with children aged 11 & 14)

Travelled Summer 2023
Hi Charlotte. Thank you for your email. What can I say? What a trip! We had a fantastic time! What a wonderful place! So many amazing memories. The standard of the accommodation was fabulous. Excellent locations, scenery, activities, food, people.  All wonderful! Your in-country team were great – we had a meet and greet session with a lovely lady (I am afraid I have forgotten her name) and the pack that she gave us was very useful.

Everett Family (with children aged 8 and 10)

Travelled Easter 2023
Hi Sinead. Our trip was amazing! Thank you so much for your help and advice with organisation. Regards the itinerary, most of it was very good if not better. A particular highlight for me was Damaraland, something I don’t know if you routinely include on your shorter itineraries, but the scenery was amazing and then to do a game drive amongst the desert elephants was really special. The food and lodgings at these were all excellent, not to mention how good the staff were, especially with our boys. Special experiences were the game drives at Okonjima, the rhino walk at Waterberg, Etosha generally, the desert elephants at Damaraland, Cape Cross seal reserve, Sossussvlei and the game drives at Intu Afrika. My small tip for anyone would be to buy a Namibian phone sim in the airport MTC shop – about £2 a week for a 3-week limited contract and meant that we could use Google Maps and phone around etc very easily. Overall we had the best time, unanimously our favourite family trip. Thanks again.

Miles Family (with children aged 15 & 19)

Travelled Summer 2022
Liddy – Thanks for organising our Namibia holiday. What a fantastic country – we ran out of superlatives to describe it.  We were met at the airport and given a good briefing as well as all our vouchers (which all worked, with everyone expecting us).  We were taken by surprise when the captain announced that the temperature on the ground was -4C as we flew in! The first week was colder than we expected and colder than the locals expected but the game viewing was superb. We saw all the ‘big 5’ in a single morning including a pair of leopards and whilst we did our walking safari in the morning to look at plants and termite mounds, found a pride of 5 lions as well only about 100m away.

At Etosha, it was great having the animals walking through the hotel grounds and unusual to be given instructions as to what to do if we met a rhino on our way to supper.

We did the cultural tour In Damaraland and I think that the locals were enjoying the mock wedding as much as we did, as the local kids came to watch and they kept having discussions with a village elder as to what should happen next as they did not seem sure.  The girl getting ‘married’ was rather embarrassed by the whole affair much to everyone’s amusement. 

Swakopmund was a great success. Cloudy one day and sunny on the other two. The villa here was an amazing family venue and highly recommended for other families. The quad biking in the desert that we did from there was also a highlight for the kids – especially for adrenaline junkies as we went up and down the large dunes. 

The weather warmed up for the second week so shorts and T-shirts rather than 4 layers. Sossusvlei and the Kalahari were both good. We drove about 3,000km of which about 2,000km was on unmade roads. We spent a lot of time in the car but it was always interesting and the kids seemed to enjoy it as well. We bought a cool box on the first day which was really useful and put our bags/cases in dustbin sacks whilst travelling to keep the dust off which worked well.

So in summary a trip that exceeded expectations and was great fun as a family holiday.

Horner Family

Travelled Summer 2022
Hello Helene. We had an incredible time. Namibia is a very special place and we had a truly epic adventure that I think will only become more amazing in our memories as we reflect on what just happened! I will give you a call tomorrow with some feedback rather than writing it all down here. The trip mostly went incredibly smoothly, with just one bump that I can tell you about.

Marchal Family (with children aged 8 & 11)

Travelled Christmas 2019 / New Year 2020
Dear Claire – I take this opportunity to wish you and all the Stubborn Mule team a Happy New Year 2020. I hope we will have the opportunity to travel again with you in 2020! Our Namibian trip was perfect for us. We enjoyed every day and the feelings all round the trip was very intense. Africa is such a wild continent and Namibia is really a lovely country with lovely people.

The translation of the driving license, the Birth certificate we should have translated too, the puncture and the unscrewing of the Hi-Lux hard-top during our drive to Sossusvlei … all ended pretty well and was part of our adventure 🙂

We saw lot of animals except the lion… so we will have to go back 😉

But Cheetah, Leopard, Elephant, Giraffe, Kudu, Zebra, Gnous, Rhino, eagles, Gecko … I think we pretty much saw all the wildlife there.

Okonjima was a great start, especially because we were almost alone there. No much tourist and a private tour with the guide, who was amazing, to find Cheetah and Leopard. And the lodge was stunning.

At Etosha, the lodge was good…the 2 days in the park was stunning even if it wasn’t as we expected. Because of the rain, the animals didn’t rush to waterhole, so we did see animals, but along the road or around the pan. It’s probably better during dry season. But it was nice to drive there and try to find animals.

The Road to Toko Lodge was just amazing. Going through farms, S got out, maybe 30 times, to open and close gates. The road was flooded sometimes, with waterholes … but the Hi-Lux did pretty well in those circumstances…. When we arrived at the lodge, it was like reaching paradise. We were dusty like never and relieved to arrive after such a road. Staff were very friendly and helpful and the view and sunset was just astonishing. And the pool pleased the kids … and us too.

Palmwag was very nice also. We had a very good rhino trek with local rangers and we took a break in the oasis, which was stunning. 2 nights here was perfect. On the road to Swakopmund we decided to go inside the land in order to visit Twyfelfontein. That was a good idea because the mountain road was stunning again and the site worth a detour. So we didn’t do much on the Skeleton Coast, but the south was enough I think.

Swakopmund was ok. It was like going back in the civilisation. We enjoyed the quad in the dunes a lot! Stunning views! The Catamaran tour was ok, but the sea was agitated and we didn’t see many animals except the seals. It was nice to share the tour with local people.

The road to Sossusvlei was stunning… the lodge here was amazing, too hot of course. 2 nights there was enough because it was so hot! But the experience of reaching the top of “Big Daddy” with the kids was amazing. And going down running and falling over even more!…

So, we can just tell you that we are so happy with the experience we had. Thanks a lot for the work you put in it and the support all around the preparation and during the tour!

Ivimy Family (with children aged 11, 14 & 16))

Travelled October Half Term 2018
Hi Kelly – We had a fabulous trip, thank you….whilst dry, the country has fabulous scenery. Very friendly people… All in all a lovely holiday & would highly recommend. Because of the variety of places visited and things we saw it felt like we had been away ages.

Worfolk-Smith Family (with one child)

Travelled Summer 2018
Kelly. The holiday was awesome, thank you! I’ve been meaning to get in touch to give you feedback. Your local travel partner in Namibia was meticulous and very helpful. Every part of the trip was well organised and there were no snags at all. Every place on the itinerary was really good. Seriously, a big thank you to you guys. We’re already talking about coming via Stubborn Mule next year so stand by!

Howes Family (with children aged 10 and 12)

Travelled Summer 2017
We had an excellent trip and everything ran extremely smoothly. The itinerary you’d put together was great. A really good blend of things to do and enough respite between the long drives to stop the kids from getting bored. They loved the whole thing. Really impressed generally with the standard of the accommodation. The Desert Homestead lodge in particular was wonderful and in a stunning location. The Elegant Farmstead was also amazing and a great place to spend our last night in Namibia. We wished we could have stayed longer.

Sykes Family (with children aged 3, 7 and 9)

Travelled Summer 2017
Thanks Liddy.  A wonderful trip with many memories made. Sadly quickly back to normality in the shape of work and school. The kids have already sent entries for your photo competition – it was very much in their minds during the trip.

In terms of feedback – In no particular order:

Big pluses for us were:

1. That Namibia is in the same time zone – no jet lag!

2. The low density of population – and it felt like a nice level of tourist bustle.  Nowhere we stayed was full and nowhere too quiet.

3. The excitement, animal-wise built over the trip. Definitely best to have Etosha near the end, rather than starting there.

4. Having pools at most places to leap in after a long car journey.

5. Phone – your information had forewarned us that we’d be given a sim card – vital to have a working phone when you can drive all day on gravel roads without seeing another vehicle or person. We would have appreciated a little more info in advance about this – the basic phone that we’d brought with us wasn’t compatible with the sim card so we had to buy a phone. Not expensive, but we then (thankfully) never had to use it and it seems rather a waste to be recycling it, unused. Perhaps we’re not that tech savvy, and most would clients have picked up the necessary info from what you’d provided or known what to ask.

6. Car – when we returned the car we were charged an N$80 “documentation fee”. We weren’t expecting that, thinking that all the car stuff had been paid up front. Again, not a huge amount of money but when you are trying to have just the right amount of cash to see you through to take off, any unexpected payment is unwelcome.

7. Toko Rustig Lodge – the location meant we could go into the western gate of Etosha for the day (we delayed the trip to the Himba village to the day of our departure to get an extra full day in Etosha). Otherwise this one felt the least friendly and welcoming and generally a bit tired. Mondjila Lodge – which I think you found as a cheaper alternative for us, we enjoyed very much. Very friendly owner and staff and very close to the Andersson gate into the park, so we’ll located – plus we rather liked the permanent tents!

8. Erongo experience – on route to the Erongo camp, the manager at the Hohenstein lodge suggested stopping off to see San people who had a camp on route and offered various things for tourists. We chose to see their village life (how to light fires, make string, set traps, shoot arrows, make ostrich egg beads, singing/dancing). This made an interesting insight into people – rather than animals – and something we’d recommend. They also offered bush walks/tracking.  It was a very low key set up, so query whether this can be booked in advance, and that added to its charm for us.

9. The NWR lodge in the Kalahari from where we went to Sossusvlei, the staff were great – very friendly and although it is quite a drive to Sossusvlei, it was well set up to be a jumping off point for that visit – packed breakfasts were most welcome and enough to do us for lunch as well.

10. The last lodge we stayed out just outside of Windhoek  – great location for getting to the airport and the owners were wonderfully friendly to the kids – plus the best food we had.  The main road there is being widened, so I hope in the future this doesn’t negatively impact it.

11. Swakopmund Plaza Hotel – I think this was somewhere our needs to accommodate 5 was a challenge. We feared a somewhat corporate, bland place, however the room we had worked really well for us – effectively three linked bedrooms around a bathroom and the hotel design meant there were no adjoining rooms, so we felt self contained and didn’t need to worry about disturbing guests in the next room.

12. Africat – fabulous to see – the guide left us with a clear impression that getting there for their earlier 10.30 tour slot (rather than the 12.30 slot we had) would have been better, with the chance of seeing the cats active, rather than fast asleep in the shade. I appreciate getting timing from accommodation right is difficult and we certainly wouldn’t have wanted to have felt under pressure to leave early/drive at a particular speed for the journey – particularly as the road conditions, and therefore the speed we could safely travel at, varied and weren’t predictable.

13. Driving – we have both been driving 25 years and found some of the driving challenging – most particularly the early drive to get to the gate of Sossusvlei for opening time. Also, we soon learned that the times given for the suggested routes in the folder we were give on arrival were hopeful estimates given the road conditions we encountered rather than accurate guidance. Perhaps we overlooked or glossed over guidance in your info on this, but would have appreciated a bit more being made (perhaps by the rep who met us) of the unpredictable nature of road conditions (and therefore travel times).

Time to start dreaming of the next trip….

Chapman Family (with children aged 15 and 19)

Travelled Summer 2016
Great trip with 2 parents and 2 older teenagers. What a country  – the most amazing landscape and desert with dunes and sand of so many different colours and shapes. The wild life was varied and exciting  – lions, giraffes, elephants and zebras to name but a few and a rare caracal. In the harsh desert snacks and lizards and strange plants. The night sky under canvas were just incredibly peaceful and awe-inspiring – shoot stars and constellations and galaxies and so quiet.

Liddy chose the most beautiful camps and places to stay (all luxurious) and we met very friendly people both travellers and Namibians. The travelling was easy on rather bumpy roads at times but we have a robust 4×4 and the vastness and emptiness just needed to be appreciated.

It is not a surprise that filmmakers want to film in this marvelous place.

Another brilliant trip from Stubborn Mule – we were booked in at many of the places under the name Stubborn  – which amused us. Thanks again

Windhoek (except for the meteors in downtown and Joe’s Beer house restaurant – with every type of game meat) was not really that interesting but Suricate town lodge was a lovely place to stay.

The Kalahari Anib Lodge was wonderful and we wished we had motored straight there early in the morning as we would have liked longer there. The game drive there was fantastic and we saw giraffes and other large beasts. The drivers were great.

The drive over the high desert and Spreetshoogte was long but fascinating.

Camp Gecko was absolutely great. Great semi tented accommodation and this wonderful dining room where we all met up for dinner and mixed with all the other guests. The owner was eccentric and ate with us. Watched a snake eat a live mouse!!

Sossusvlei was a good drive away so need to leave early in the morning (as the sun rises). The climb up one of the high dunes was hot and exhausting so need to go early in the morning so not too hot – and need good shoes as sand is too hot to stand on – but great views. The whole vista to the Dead Pans was amazing but the dried trees – one of the great wonders of the world.

Long drive to Swakopmund. The micro climate there is absolutely weird (rather like San Francisco). You go from the really hot desert to this cold mist which rolls in from the sea. We were cold and had to wear all our gear. The living desert tour (tommy’s tours) was a nature tour to end all tours snakes and lizards and plants and interesting facts. Also saw the seals and dolphins on the sea and fed the pelicans. ( and also drove on the dunes on quad bikes – unecological I’m afraid). There was a really friendly cafe called the Village Cafe with good food and also a very good fish restaurant on the pier. Need to book tours and restaurants if holiday time.

The place we stayed – nice host- not as charming as anywhere else in Namibia but did its job and owner very helpful – drove 3 miles back inland and back to the heat. (prob 2 days max there).

The Erongo Mountains – an absolute must – Holstein Lodge – fabulous and then Etembe Wilderness Camp – first. Great food and setting. The wilderness camp is very remote and the night skies brilliant. Felt very small in the universe and very good walk looking at the rock paintings – a real highlight for me. DO NOT MISS THIS

Toko Lodge – had faded charm and lovely dinner and met nice people and good little swimming pool. Went for a tour in nearby Himba village – seemed a bit voyeuristic but still very interesting and we did buy bracelets etc.

We entered the Etsoha national park from the East gate nearby and drove through to the main gate in 1 day. Lots of animals which blew us away especially the elephants and giraffes.

Mondjila – Lovely and very luxurious on the hill side and great dining area.

Eagle Tented Lodge – fabulous luxurious tents (with white towelling robes) Lovely swiming pool . Good game drive – and saw a caracal – very rare.
Lovely food and very friendly.

Another good day (with a tour in Etosha and saw lions (and nearly a leopard).

Otjiwa Lodge – good views and nice room. Very friendly and small swimming pool Met a begium family teher and had lovely dinner with them.

AfriCat – good work and very close to Cheetahs.

On early morning went on Rhino walk in the park – scarey and up close and dangerous – a highlight – great guide.

Final stop, Elegant Farmstead – good place to relax and swim and read and rest up before going home – again very friendly and nice food.

Driving – easy with 4×4 and plenty of room. I love driving so really enjoyed it. Long distances but great great views and colours and dunes. The only thing that puzzled me was that fuel guage did not seem to work so I was always panicking about getting fuel. I was told at the end (and dont know if this is true) but our car had 2 fuel tanks and the fuel guage only goes down when you are on your last tank – so I always had lots of fuel… D

Williams Family (with children aged 7 and 11)

Travelled Summer 2016
Thank you for organising a holiday of a lifetime for us! It was such an adventure, we all loved the independence of driving ourselves and the fun of taking the minor roads. T was glad we opted for the 2×4 as it was easy to handle and also very comfortable for us all, especially on the gravel roads. We’d definitely advise everyone to fill up with petrol whenever you get the chance as some of the distances were long and easy to get caught out.

A special favourite for us all was Okonjima, so moving seeing the rescued cheetahs and leopards. The kids loved the pool and the balcony overlooking the waterhole at Okaukuejo. Also the pool at Sossusvlei Lodge was much appreciated after we’d exhausted ourselves running down the dunes. The trip from the lodge into the Sossusvlei park was well worth it and the same in Etosha, where we did a guided trip as well as driving ourselves one day. We saw so many animals here both D and H were thrilled and surprisingly patient!

All in all we had an incredible holiday and will be back in touch to discuss ideas for next summer. Thank you Liddy from us all.

Rainer Family (with one child aged 13)

Travelled Summer 2016
Sorry it’s taken me a couple of weeks to email you but thank you so much for arranging a really memorable trip. We loved Namibia and all the huge wide open spaces. It was such a treat to get away from our hectic lifestyle and just be out and about in nature. I loved Sossusvlei and we got there really early in the morning and saw a wonderful sunrise. We also really loved Hohenstein and the overnight wilderness camp there. We were lucky and there was another family there at the same time as us – actually Dutch but they spoke great English – and they had a son the same age as D so they paired up when we were there. We hardly saw him for two days but he had a great time so it worked out well.

Etosha was as wonderful as you had said it would be. We saw a leopard here which was very unexpected – at the hotel they said that people almost never see leopard so we were particularly chuffed. Also loads of elephants and a lion so we felt very lucky.

We loved the Elegant Farmstead and they were really welcoming to D and made him a special spaghetti Bolognese after he told them it was his favourite.

Our vehicle was good and it was very easy to drive around. The driving times took slightly longer than you had mentioned but I think that this was because we drove very slowly as we were nervous about the off road driving. Certainly all the locals sped past us.

Thanks again. Oh, and make sure that you recommend Bojos café in Swakopmund to your guests. The carrot cake is to die fo

Family Garvey (with two children aged 9 and 12)

Travelled Summer 2016
We had a fabulous time and everything went very smoothly.


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