Where to stay in Mongolia

Once you leave Ulaan Baatar behind, there are relatively limited accommodation options in Mongolia. Most travel companies use a network of large ger (yurt) camps which offer relative comfort (although often with shared bathroom facilities). However we tend to avoid these as they get very busy and noisy in the school holidays and aspects of the stay (for example, the cultural shows in the evening) can be a little contrived.

In our experience most people choose to visit Mongolia to enjoy the vast and remote landscapes and this can best be experienced by staying in much smaller (quieter) properties. We therefore tend to suggest a mixture of wild-camping (where you really are out in the wilds), small private ger camps operated by local families (often with just one ger, or sometimes a handful) and local hotels.

Atmospheric photo of wild camping - Where to stay in Mongolia

Wild camping in Mongolia is huge fun for adventurous families

Wild Camping

On all of our tours you will be accompanied by a Mongolian driver and trip assistant. They will decide where is a suitable spot to camp (finding the best view is often a key consideration!) and the trip assistant will then help with setting everything up. You will have two person tents (good quality UK Vango tents) and a simple sleeping mat and small pillow are provided. You will need to either bring your own sleeping bag or one can be provided locally.

In addition to your sleeping tent, we will also provide a kitchen tent (where the assistant will prepare your meals) and a toilet tent. This is essentially just a tent that will cover a hole in the ground that the driver will dig for you. It’s a loo-with-a-view!

where to stay in Mongolia wild camping

Your driver and trip assistant will set up camp, making sure you have stunning views!

Ger Camps

On any trip, you will expect to spend several nights in a traditional ger (yurt). These circular insulated tents are lovely and warm but facilities are limited. Toilets are outside the ger and are squat style, and there are usually no showers. Some ger camps are situated relatively close to a small town where there might be a town shower house. Here you can do-as-the-locals-do and get a private cubicle with plenty of hot water.

We will give specific details of the facilities in our detailed itineraries.

Inside a typical family-owned ger or yurt - where to stay in Mongolia

Inside a typical ger

If this sounds too simple, in some areas we can arrange more comfortable ger camps, but as mentioned above, these can be very busy and quite noisy during peak travel periods (such as school holidays).

Ger in Mongolia - Where to stay in Mongolia

Family owned gers are cosy if a little basic but much quieter than the larger ger camps

Local hotels

Sometimes (depending on the itinerary) we will include a few nights in a small provincial hotel. These will be simple, but you will have your own room with private en suite facilities.


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