Where to stay in Japan

As you might expect, there is a huge range of hotels in Japan, from simple and clean business style hotels (which are comparatively inexpensive) to sleek, futuristic and impeccably designed luxury hotels. The price tag obviously varies hugely as well, and we will be able to suggest hotels which suit your family and your budget.

What are hotels in Japan like?

For those looking for luxury, the Conrad or Aman are two of our favourite hotels in Tokyo.

Aman lobby - Tokyo - Where to stay in Japan

Aman lobby, Tokyo

In the mid-range category, the Blossom Shinjuku is ideal, in a perfect location in the middle of central Tokyo.

One thing to remember with hotels in Japan is that the room sizes tend to be extremely small so there usually is no room for an extra bed. However, some hotels do have interconnecting rooms, so that children can be accommodated through a connecting door.

Where to stay in Japan - Blossom Shinjuka Tokyo

Blossom Shinjuka, Tokyo

Many people will be keen to spend a night in a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn, and we will include this on most itineraries. One or two nights, however, is usually enough; the breakfasts that are provided are traditional Japanese (which doesn’t always suit fussier children!) and many people don’t want to spend more than a night or two sleeping on a tatami mat. However, if it is of particular interest to you we can include more nights in ryokan.

One of our favourite ryokan is the Daikichi, in the small picturesque town of Tsumago. All of the rooms are furnished with traditional tatami mats and delicious Japanese food is served both for dinner and breakfast.

Where to stay in Japan - traditional Japanese room with Tatami mats

Traditional Japanese room with Tatami mats

At the other end of the ryokan spectrum is the famous Tawaraya in Kyoto. Regularly topping lists of ‘the best hotel in Japan’ this hotel is small but perfectly formed. From the minute that you first pass through the doors (when your shoes are helped off your large western feet, by the special ‘shoe-man’ (who will clean and freshen them!)) the service here is second to none. Exquisite Japanese food is served to you in your room (where you sit at low tables on tatami mats) before you retreat to your small private cedar wood hot tub and admire your private zen garden.

As you might expect, this is perhaps not the place for younger rambunctious children, but for families with teenagers who want a glimpse of traditional life in Japan, it is hard to beat.

These suggestions of where to stay in Japan are just examples of what to expect. Once we begin to plan your trip we will be able to suggest hotels that will suit your family’s tastes and budget. Simply ring for a chat or email us.


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