… As voted for by kids.

Ask your child what their favourite experience was during any given adventure holiday and we’d wager – if we were the betting sort – that it included wildlife.

Whether you and your children are avid Attenborough fans or animal amateurs there’s just something so awe-inspiring about encountering nature in its natural habitat that will make memories to last a life time.

So, whether you’re rapt by reptiles, blown away by birds and butterflies, wowed by whales or mesmerised by mammals, we’ve collated what we think are the best family wildlife holidays in the world.

1. Fall in love with orangutans in Borneo

family wildlife holidays - mum and baby orang-utan in the tree tops

Seeing Orangutans is everyone’s favourite wildlife experience in Borneo

You go on Borneo family holidays for one thing and one thing only: the animals (although the beaches are pretty special too!) The main draw is, of course, the orangutans, ‘old men of the forest’. You can come up close and personal with them at the Sepilok rehabilitation centre, a fabulous place where orphans are cared for and returned to the wild. There are many other fascinating encounters on this family wildlife holiday, too, though, like watching from a respectable distance as turtles lay their egg or witnessing thousands and thousands of bats fly out of ‘Bat Cave’ each evening. For whatever reason, you’ll be blown away by Borneo. Take a look at our Borneo itineraries to see which one suits your family best.

2. Hang out with penguins at Boulders Beach near Cape Town

Family wildlife holidays - South Africa Boulders Beach with penguin

Penguins happily share the sun and sand with visitors to Boulders Beach

We’ll warn you now, they smell, but that’s also an indication of just how close your encounters are with the penguins, (the only African penguins in the world), as they hop along the beach on this family wildlife holiday to South Africa. Whilst almost comically clumsy on land, these creatures transform into agile and highly skilled swimmers under water, something you’ll also see when snorkelling. They smell less underwater, too. Best place to see them? We love Boulders Beach, Cape Town. Penguins also roam free over Nelson Mandela’s former place of captivity, Robben Island. See them on our Classic Cape and Garden Route tour.

3. See the ‘Big 5’ in Kenya and Tanzania

Kenya - kids on safari - family holiday tribe blog

Kenya and Tanzania are top choices for family wildlife holidays, with lots of activities too

The quintessential – or perhaps the original – family wildlife holiday, no African safari would be complete without the opportunity to see the The Big-Five.  For the uninitiated, that term means lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard. Originally a term that applied to the five biggest African mammals that were hardest to hunt on foot, but now reclaimed by travellers wanting just to see them in the flesh. Whilst you can spot these in various African national parks, arguably the greatest numbers can be found in the Masai Mara Kenya or the Serengeti in Tanzania.

4. Spot the ‘Little 5’ in Africa

Leopard tortoise in Kruger - one of the little 15 - family wildlife holiday

A resident of Eastern and Southern Africa, the leopard tortoise is an easy one for the kids to spot as it likes open semi-arid grasslands

Lesser known – and much harder to spot – than their larger counterparts, but still an iconic list for any family wildlife holiday, spotting the Little 5 throughout Africa’s national parks is another must-see checklist for mini-beasts. The ‘Little 5’ are: elephant shrew (particularly common in South Africa but seldom seen (there’s a gauntlet if ever we’ve seen one); buffalo weaver, amongst the easiest in the list to find and observe; leopard tortoise; antlion (an insect) and; rhino beetle. Take a look at all our African Safari and itineraries to see which you’d like to tick off first.

5. See komodo dragons in Indonesia

Family look at a dozing Komodo Dragon in Bali - family wildlife holiday

Stubborn Mule’s Helene Cooper and family, checking out the ‘dragons’ at Rinca

Here be dragons! Tell your children they’re going to come up close (well, not too close) to a real-life dragon and we assure you you’ll have their attention. There are two main places in the Indonesian archipelago where you can spot – although you may well smell them beforehand – these amazing creatures, the country’s official national animal: Komodo and Rinca. For more information about Komodo Dragons, cannibalism, goat swallowing and other charming habits, we found this fascinating: 11 facts about Komodo Dragons.To find out how to visit, check out our Active Bali & Komodo tour.

6. Come face to face with gorillas in Uganda

Portrait of mother gorilla with her baby in Uganda - family wildlife holiday

Recently returned from gorilla trekking in Bwindi, Stubborn Mule’s Claire Gray rates this as one of her top wildlife experiences ever

Arguably THE ultimate family wildlife holiday experience, seeing gorillas and chimps in their natural habitat in Uganda is not just a privilege but an encounter you and your children will never forget.  As mountain gorillas can’t survive in captivity, trekking through the thick forests of Uganda’s national parks is the only way to see these endangered creatures and is now where over half the world’s mountain gorillas live. Whilst in 1981, conservationists estimated there were only 254 primates left, intense international efforts mean that although still critical, their population is returning, helped in no small part by tourist contributions and trekking permits.

7. Be wowed by desert elephants in Namibia

Damaraland elephant taking a dust bath - Namibia - family wildlife holiday

Nothing beats a dust bath… if you are an elephant

As the only place in the whole continent where tourists can see desert elephants (Mali being off-limits to travellers), Namibia is the place to go to encounter these amazing creatures. Whilst not a separate species, these incredible animals have adapted specifically to their arid environment, such as having thinner bodies and wider feet. The rugged landscape of Damaraland is also home to another rare animal, the black rhino, making it even more of a family wildlife holidays hotspot. Our Highlights of Namibia (3-weeks) includes the opportunity to encounter these amazing animals.

8. Look after pandas in China

Young teenage boy helping at Panda Research sanctuary on China with Kids holiday

Who could resist the chance to look after pandas at the Dujiangyan Panda Centre?

No matter what age your children are, they can’t fail to be wowed by the sight of Giant Pandas in China. Whilst most people interested in family wildlife holidays head to the research centre just outside of Chengdu to see these rare creatures in the flesh, older children and teenagers interested in conservation will thrill at the chance to spend the day as a volunteer at the Dujiangyan Panda Centre. Before you know it, they’ll be cleaning out the panda enclosures and collecting panda poo for inspection. See our example China itineraries for more.

9. Search for sloth in Costa Rica

Sloth climbing along telephone wires in Costa Rica - family wildlife holidays

Keep your eyes peeled for sloths and don’t miss the delightful sanctuary near Cahuita

Is this the cutest animal in the world? We at Stubborn Mule have a huge soft spot for these creatures which can be seen all over Costa Rica, from climbing along telephone wires to seeing mother sloths sheltering their babies from the rain in the forest. We can also arrange a visit to a dedicated sloth sanctuary, with tours and informative videos, although we stress that you are unable to handle a sloth during the visits. If you’re similarly soft on sloths, make this your first port of call on your family wildlife holiday. Take a look at our three Costa Rica sample itineraries.

10. Track rhino on foot in Nepal

Children tracking rhino in Nepal - popular on family wildlife holidays

Tracking rhino in Nepal is a favourite on family wildlife holidays

The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is best known for (no spoilers) its mountains but for those who want a bit of R&R after trekking, or prefer not trekking at all, then exploring Chitwan National Park is THE wildlife encounter to have. Boasting 68 different species of mammals including tigers, deer, monkeys, elephants, leopards, sloth bears, wild boar and hyenas, and 544 different species of birdlife (67 species of butterfly if you’re counting…), the ultimate experience is tracking rhino by foot. The one horned Indian rhino is the park’s most famous inhabitant and better still, you have a good chance of spotting one whilst visiting. Take a look at our Nepal itineraries, here.

11. Watch turtles lay eggs in Oman

Turtle on beach nesting at Ras Al Jinz in Oman - a favourite family wildlife holiday activity

Book with a guide at Ras Al Jinz for the best views of turtles nesting late at night or at dawn

The coastal waters and beaches of Oman host not just one but five species of turtle: the green turtle, loggerhead, hawksbill, leatherback and Oliver Ridley turtle. With such a rich diversity, Oman is one of the best places in the world to watch turtles lay eggs or see these gorgeous hatchlings waddle their way back to the sea. In Oman, the peak time for the turtles’ migration is between late May and August of every year but they can be seen fairly reliably from September to early April.  Approximately 20,000 turtles come to some of Oman’s beaches, especially the eastern ones. There’s several turtle ‘hot-spots throughout the country including Ras Al Jinz, a natural reserve for turtles.

12. Swimming with sharks in Belize

Young man learning out of boat to pose with benign shark in Belize

Popular with Stubborn Mule visitors to Belize, snorkelling with benign sharks is a unique experience.

Let’s just say that again. SWIMMING WITH SHARKS!!! When it comes to bragging rights, anyone who says they’ve swum with sharks WINS EVERY TIME. Sounds dangerous, we know, but Shark Ray Alley, located just off the coast of Belize’s biggest island, Ambergris Caye, is fast becoming one of the world’s top dive and snorkelling sites due to the number of (docile) nurse sharks and rays which gather in huge numbers there. So far, it’s not over-run with tourists making it an even more attractive family wildlife holiday destination. Go now, before it is.

13. Explore the Amazon in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil

Child in boat exploring the Amazon - family wildlife holidays, Ecuador with kids

The kids can see such a lot of wildlife when exploring the Amazon by boat

It’s the world’s largest rainforest, the most biodiverse region on the planet and hosts the biggest (by volume) river in the world: no wonder the Amazon is one of the most popular family wildlife holiday destinations. Whether you choose to take an adventure in Peru, Ecuador or Brazil, you and your kids may encounter a roll call of the wildlife ‘who’s who’: river dolphins, capybara, giant armadillo, giant river otter, jaguar, ocelot, puma, tapir, squirrel monkey, hyacinth macaw, hoatzin, toucan, anaconda, caiman and SO much more.

14. Wash and feed elephants in Thailand

Helping look after elephants in Thailand on a family wildlife holiday

Pretty much all ages love the experience of helping to care for elephants in a Thai sanctuary

Want to get up close and personal to an Asian elephant? We’ve yet to meet a child or even a teenager who didn’t thrill during their very hands-on experience of learning how to look after an elephant. In Kanchanaburi in Thailand we can recommend  a very responsibly run elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre. No spectators here, instead, you’ll help at feeding time and will then head to the river where you help the mahouts (elephant carers) bathe the elephants. Prepare to be squirted on this fabulous wildlife family holiday experience as part of our Highlights of Thailand trip.

15. Search for jaguar in the Pantanal in Brazil

Look for jaguar in the Pantanal on the river banks - family wildlife holidays

Jaguars, the least aggressive of all the big cats, are great swimmers, hard to spot but look along the river banks

The Pantanal is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, a vast area of wetlands and river delta that spans Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Its annual flow and flux of river water creates a unique eco-system where birds, insects, reptiles, and mammals flourish and whilst you can spot capuchin and howler monkeys, capybaras, toucans, tapirs and reptiles including the anaconda and caiman, its rarest creature is the jaguar. Whether choosing to take a horse safari, a canoe trip or even hike through the area, will you and your family be lucky enough to see one on our Brazil & Argentina or Highlights of Southern Brazil itineraries?

16. Swim with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands

Swimming with sealions on Galapagos with children family holiday

Swimming with sea lions and turtles on a family wildlife holiday is the stuff of dreams

According to our Galapagos specialist, Helene, swimming with sea lions was her children’s stand-out experience whilst visiting the islands off the coast of Ecuador. And there were a lot of stand out experiences (hiking with iguanas included…). “They’re so inquisitive, playful and not at all shy,” she says. Take a look at her Top 10 Galapagos wildlife experiences to find out what else you could be doing on your family wildlife holiday.

Advice on the best family wildlife holidays for your kids

For the best advice on family wildlife holidays do ring us for a chat or email via our online form. And if your kids have a favourite that we haven’t included, let us know and we’ll add this to our list and make sure your budding naturalist gets a credit!

Stubborn Mule Travel takes animal welfare very seriously. If you have concerns about any of the sanctuaries or wildlife reserves mentioned on our website, please do get in touch. Feedback from our customers and website visitors plays a vital part in keeping all our information as up to date as possible. Thank you for your help.

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